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Questions he wishes he had never been asked

January 19, 2009
by Doug Edwards
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Dr. Carlton Erickson, author of The Science of Addiction: From Neurobiology to Treatment, will open the SECAD 2009 conference at 4:00 p.m. on February 9 (SECAD is produced by Vendome Group, which publishes Behavioral Healthcare). Dr. Erickson will be examining the latest research on the neurobiology of addiction—as well as “questions I wish I had never been asked.” Here’s some of those questions, or more probably misconceptions:

—How dare you call addiction a brain disease?!
—Why do you dismiss psychosocial research on causes of addiction?
—Why do you scientists spend so much time and money trying to prove what alcoholics and addicts already know?

Dr. Erickson will also touch on:

—Is binge drinking a disease?
—Do we always treat addiction as a brain disease?
—Why don’t addiction treatment centers have national outcome standards?
—How can we measure recovery?


Doug Edwards

Vice President and Managing Director

Doug Edwards

Doug Edwards is Vice President and Managing Director of Vendome Healthcare Media’s Mental Health...

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