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Are President Obama and his advisers mismanaging the healthcare debate?

October 1, 2009
by Dennis Grantham, Editor-in-Chief
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Are President Obama and his advisers mismanaging the healthcare debate?

Yes - 56.52%
No - 43.48%

- The media are distorting it.
- The times they are a changin...everybody needs to realize this and lend a hand instead of just criticism and kooky retorhic.
- all americans should have access to health care, it is no longer a privilege but an absolute necessity.
- They are "riding the rapids of change" and yes they are getting wet, but they are still moving forward.
- Lets go Mr. President. YOU won the election. The people who voted for you knew (or thought so) where you stood on health care. Are the Dems'' so afraid of the right tht they won''t do the right thing for America????
- What is happening to the public option, the single payer option? And, why do the Replicans have control over this debate. It is astounding. More importantly, where are the American people in this debate. Most of them seem nowhere to be found.
- I think the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists are using their money and power to coerce many politicians to spew their toxic mantra much to the detriment of the American people. President Obama''s plan is a sound plan and is much better than anything else being touted out there.



Many people are rallied, but not behind Obama, which is understandable. I think we will see other changes down the road. Dems and Repubs all are NOT looking out for the interest of the people. They have forgotten they work for us.

Go Dennis!

I think the American people elected somebody they truly believed could get the job done all by himself. I don't think we've changed our minds about what we want. I think we're just leaving him hanging...and we're absorbed in our own worries and fears.

I am also convinced that lots of people were aware of how shockingly powerful the pharmaceutical and insurance industries actually are. After all, they created this daunting mess and certainly do not want it changed.

How can we get people rallied again???

Dennis Grantham

Dennis Grantham


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