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Dr. Mahogany takes very light approach to male suicide prevention

July 10, 2012
by Dennis Grantham, Editor-in-Chief
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Because being serious didn't work all that well, some creative Coloradans took on male suicidality in a way that guys might talk about it--in a bar. See what you think of the good doctor.
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If you believe the statistics, 90 percent of those who need mental health treatment never seek it out.  So, why not use a bit of humor to get your point across--especially "manly" barroom-type humor for guys that are often "too tough" to admit a problem.

That's the approach that Dr. Mahogany takes.  After giving you a good pep-talk, he invites readers to take a brief survey, then dishes out advice--written up according to your survey results.  Perhaps most important--provided readers will go along--the good doctor doesn't hesitate to recommend a call to a doctor--or to a suicide prevention or crisis line--for those whose answers cause concern or indicate possible suicidality.

Perhaps this is a way to break through the tough male crust and get at the issues beneath.   Hope it works.  For those willing to invest a bit more time, there are numerous video testimonials and other information at the site, called ManTherapy.org.  

Hats off to the creators of ManTherapy.org and this innovative approach to making the topic approachable.


Dennis Grantham

Dennis Grantham



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