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A gift we all can share

December 22, 2008
by Ann Borders
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Just a while ago, a young man came by my office to wish me happy holidays. You know him. Maybe not the exact same fellow, but you still know him. He’s the one who developed serious mental illness in late adolescence. He’s the one who would go missing for extended periods, and whose father would find camping out in the woods, afraid that people were out to get him. He’s the one with incarcerations for drug-related offenses. He’s the fellow who reluctantly came to your organization for treatment; who participated in a number of your programs; and who tried several medications before the right combination was found. In case you haven’t seen him lately, he has finished an Associates Degree, he’s been clean and sober for 15 years now, and has replaced smoking with marathon bike riding. And, he still comes by from time to time to thank you for leading the organization that served as his partner in recovery.

You remember him now, don’t you? He’s only one of the countless people whose lives have been transformed because of your leadership. These success stories are our shared gift at this time of year. Enjoy!



Thanks for sharing that story! Great words to remember as we enter a new year!

Ann Borders

President and CEO, Cummins Behavioral Health Systems, Inc


Ann Borders is president and CEO of Cummins Behavioral Health Systems, Inc., serving eight...

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