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Donald Duck's role?

June 27, 2008
by Ann Borders
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OK, so here's the Donald Duck of Behavioral Health Blog World, bumbling in between Behavioral Healthcare's editor, Doug Edwards, and former SAMHSA administrator Charles Curie. Doug always brings us valuable insights as our industry observer and Charles offers the highest altitude view of public policy. So, what does a provider have to contribute?

Well, even Mastermind Mickey needs Donald for some things. I suppose that if I'm doing my job, some reader out there will read my blog and think, "I can see how that notion might have applications in my organization." Or, "I don't agree with this at all; there should be dialogue around this issue!" If we bloggers are doing our jobs, we are creating community around our common aspirations. We are providing thought leadership.

We are helping to channel collective energy in ways that will result in better futures for the people we serve. But it's the blogee, not the blogger, that truly counts. Otherwise, the blogger is merely fluttering feathers and quacking in the wind.

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The provider's voice is the most important to me. Hey, Donald Duck was always my favorite of the Disney clan. :)

Ann Borders

President and CEO, Cummins Behavioral Health Systems, Inc

Ann Borders is president and CEO of Cummins Behavioral Health Systems, Inc., serving eight...

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