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Terry Stawar Commentary

Everybody hates their EHR

February 26, 2016     Terry Stawar, EdD

Personally I’ve been very disappointed with the industry, figuring that by now EHR systems would be tremendously more functional and reliable than they are. I seriously thought we would be closer to “Star Trek” performance.

Cultural differences cause conflict in integrated care

December 18, 2015     Terry Stawar

Training might help in resolving cultural issues among primary care and behavioral health clinicians who work in integrated environments, although it is not clear that educational alone is sufficient.

Rural areas must be considered in new MAT policies

October 26, 2015     Terry Stawar

As new federal policy aims to increase medication assisted treatment, one wonders what solutions are needed in rural areas.

Witch icon linked to psychological constructs

October 22, 2015     Terry Stawar

In historic witch trials, some of the persecuted were obviously people with mental illness. Today, the icon might serve as a proxy for undesirable aspects of people or personalities.

Psychology is a discipline in crisis

September 30, 2015     Terry Stawar

Psychology is experiencing one of its worst periods in 140 years, thanks to a scandal involving ethical standards and questions about research validity.

HIV outbreak among IV Opana users declared Indiana health emergency

April 28, 2015     Terry Stawar

The challenge for behavioral healthcare providers is in developing trust for engagement, providing realistic options, and developing aftercare services in the HIV outbreak epicenter.

Just how irrational is AA? Reaction to Glaser's article

April 8, 2015     Terry L. Stawar, Ed.D. LMHC, LCAC

Glaser attacks Alcoholics Anonymous as an ineffectual, nonscientific, outdated approach to alcohol treatment that has never-the-less managed to dominate the field.

Premature therapy terminators, dropouts, or unilateral terminators?

April 3, 2015     Terry L. Stawar, Ed.D.

Always one to blame the patient, Freud believed premature termination of psychoanalysis was generally related to being unsuitable for therapy, due to insufficient intelligence or early dramatic manifestation of resistance that could not be overcome or worked through.


Screen Time or Spring Time

March 27, 2015     Terry Stawar

According to Boston College’s Peter Gray, back in the 1950s, children had two educations. One was traditional school and the other was a hunter-gather education.

The antipathy between psychology and Christmas

December 15, 2014     Terry Stawar

As a psychologist I‘m afraid that that there may be more than a little antipathy between my discipline and the Christmas season in general and Santa Claus in particular. Gary Kustis, an Ohio-based organizational psychologist, says that many people’s introduction to psychology as a profession is the movie, A Miracle on 34th Street


Terry Stawar

President/CEO (LifeSpring, Inc.)

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