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7 predictions for an unpredictable new year

December 21, 2017     Patrick Gauthier

Politically, economically and legislatively, 2017 was a tumultuous year. Our predictions for the 2018 healthcare market and some practical recommendations for action are described below.

What if we treat drug overdoses like suicide attempts?

September 21, 2017     Patrick Gauthier

If we could take the best parts of successful civil commitment—immediate treatment, coordinated care and discharge planning—perhaps this may be another way to prevent future drug overdoses.

Honor veterans through accessible healthcare and services

July 12, 2017     Patrick Gauthier

With uncertainty looming over the future of the nation's healthcare, there are steps providers can take to meet the needs of veterans.

Revitalize strategy and business planning for population health in a time of uncertainty

April 6, 2017     Patrick Gauthier

With the failure of the GOP health policy proposal, we are left not knowing what exactly the healthcare landscape will look like in Trump’s presidency. But, we can still be sure it will change.

Consider post-election prospects for population health management

December 13, 2016     Patrick Gauthier

Any new administration brings change and uncertainty. But this time can also be seen as an opportunity for behavioral healthcare providers to sharpen our focus.

Donald Trump wins

November 9, 2016     Patrick Gauthier

President Trump will ensure that control is as local as possible. His promise to dismantle the ACA and create business-friendly, state-controlled conditions is a safe bet.

Take a population health approach to violence

October 24, 2016     Patrick Gauthier

As police officers continue to respond to people experiencing mental health crises, it is imperative that service providers work with law enforcement officials in a population health approach to crime. 

How we can improve the population health of people experiencing homelessness

August 3, 2016     Patrick Gauthier

Partnerships between housing and homeless providers and behavioral health providers are one way to improve population health.

How you can address the health effects of childhood poverty

June 16, 2016     Patrick Gauthier

Biological, behavioral, social, cultural, economic and environmental factors all impact the well-being of individuals and communities. It's a concept known as “population health.”

Patrick Gauthier

Director of AHP Healthcare Solutions

Patrick Gauthier

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