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Nick Zubko Commentary

Junior Seau and depression in the NFL

May 8, 2012     Nick Zubko, Associate Editor

Former NFL linebacker Junior Seau died last week from an apparent suicide. As reactions range from shock to complete disbelief, some are trying to find what can be learned to help those with similar struggles.

The global fight for mental health in the workplace

May 2, 2012     Nick Zubko, Associate Editor

The U.S is not alone in the fight for mental health in the workplace. This week, organizations in Canada and Europe announced new efforts to address the prevalence of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems within their workforces.

SAMHSA celebrates 20 years

April 24, 2012     Nick Zubko, Associate Editor

As part of celebrating its 20th anniversary, SAMHSA asked the field to reflect on the most important milestones and noteworthy accomplishments of the last two decades. What would you put on that list?

What made NATCON 2012 memorable for you?

April 23, 2012     Nick Zubko, Associate Editor

The National Council Conference & Expo is always a great source of information, but this year's conference also offered a few unique attractions that helped make the event a truly memorable experience.

Virginia's problem with ‘streeting’ the mentally ill

April 11, 2012     Nick Zubko, Associate Editor

Emergency rooms are busy places, which is probably why the expression "treat 'em, and street 'em" has made its way into the medical lexicon. But for patients with mental illness, “streeting” can be a serious problem.

Vermont governor signs ‘mental health overhaul’

April 5, 2012     Nick Zubko, Associate Editor

Even before flooding forced the closure of Vermont State Hospital last year, the state’s mental health system was in desperate need of attention. This week, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed a new law that marks the “end of an outdated, broken system.”

Nebraska DHHS surveys consumers on quality of care

April 4, 2012     Nick Zubko, Associate Editor

Nebraska’s DHHS is currently conducting its annual survey of consumers, which is used to study the effectiveness of mental health and substance abuse services throughout the state.

Federal proposal could resolve Oregon investigation

March 29, 2012     Nick Zubko, Associate Editor

Six years ago, federal investigators took a hard look at Oregon’s mental health system. Eventually, they released a report that revealed a number of apparent “deficiencies." This week, news broke that an agreement may have been reached.

Comparing antidepressants? There’s an app for that

March 28, 2012     Nick Zubko, Associate Editor

There’s an “app” for everything these days. Now there's one that's supposed to “recommend antidepressant therapies specific to different patient characteristics.” And you can get it for less than $5.

The five ‘most challenging' standards in 2011

March 27, 2012     Nick Zubko, Associate Editor

Every year, the Joint Commission releases a list of “Most Challenging Requirements.” This year five standards were cited as most frequently “non-compliant” by accredited behavioral health organizations.


Nick Zubko

Associate Editor

Nick Zubko


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