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Better mental health through window design

December 28, 2016     Kevin Turner

A facility’s windows should be more than another level of security. They should incorporate features that are part of the therapy, enhancing the patient's well-being.

Emergency departments must aim for change

December 21, 2016     Kevin Turner

Having a high number of mental health patients boarded in the emergency department has a dramatic effect on the throughput.

Pediatric inpatient units, outpatient clinics require a special touch

June 21, 2016     Kevin Turner

Designers must create therapeutic environments carefully tuned to the needs of children and adolescents.

Consider cognitive impairment and the psychiatric environment

May 17, 2016     Kevin Turner

Cognitive impairment can become a trigger for the patient’s symptoms, and of course, one of the goals of a psychiatric care setting is to avoid triggering those symptoms so the patient can begin to experience wellness.

Seek out more evidence in evidence based design

April 21, 2016     Kevin Turner

We should design spaces based on solid, proven scientific principles so that we know the space will work for the patients it serves.

Good design is a safety feature

April 12, 2016     Kevin Turner

We do not have to sacrifice a therapeutic environment in the name of safety because a well-designed therapeutic environment is a safety feature.

Don’t overlook ceiling tile choices

November 13, 2015     Kevin Turner

 If your facility design includes acoustical ceiling tile, aim for a ceiling height at least as high as a basketball hoop. 

Apply coffeehouse rules to group spaces

October 30, 2015     Kevin Turner

For those who aren't especially comfortable being in a crowd, consider arranging furniture in way that gives them some choices.

Tune up your lighting choices

October 16, 2015     Kevin Turner

Before you install another compact fluorescent light bulb, consider that LED lights can be manufactured at any wavelength to produce more pleasing environments.

Be careful with use of textures in wall finishes

September 30, 2015     Kevin Turner

Be warned that the right setting for certain textures might not be a behavioral health facility, so make sure you know what you're doing.


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Kevin Turner

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