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Be a voice for the recovery of trauma on 9/11

September 10, 2018     H. Steven Moffic

As a new 9/11 monument is unveiled, those in mental healthcare can make a contribution to the memory and heroism of that day through an indirect and symbolic approach.

An urgent call to mental health caregivers to help treat climate concerns

August 9, 2018     H. Steven Moffic

Psychiatrists, and other mental health disciplines, have an ethical principle to address social issues which adversely affect public health and mental health. 

Independence Day a time to reflect for practitioners

July 5, 2018     H. Steven Moffic

There may be no American holiday that is as relevant to psychiatry and behavioral healthcare than the Fourth of July. That may be worth thinking about now and applying to our workplaces.

We have an ethical responsibility for immigrant children and families

June 22, 2018     H. Steven Moffic

Even though it is difficult to find out the facts about the separation of immigrant children from their parents along our southwest border, there are certain clinical and ethical principles that we must reaffirm to our colleagues, the public and society.

If there is one suicide sign you shouldn’t ignore, this is it

June 12, 2018     H. Steven Moffic

Improvements in depression or anxiety without an apparent, sound reason can signal internal struggle is still ongoing.

The royal wedding maps a road to mental health

May 18, 2018     H. Steven Moffic

If you have paid any attention to the forthcoming royal wedding in England, you’ll see that like many heavily covered public events, it is revealing several important mental healthcare messages.

Learn a lesson from the VA leadership situation

April 26, 2018     H. Steven Moffic

Now that Ronny Jackson has withdrawn from his nomination to head the Department of Veteran Affairs, it may be a conducive time to learn, or re-learn, some of the lessons from the issues that emerged in this situation

Appreciate clinical staff on National Doctors’ Day

March 23, 2018     H. Steven Moffic

In this era of increasing burnout among psychiatrists, psychologists and other behavioral health providers, we must think of ways to improve the system of care to enhance wellness for all.

Black History Month inspires improvements in behavioral healthcare

February 20, 2018     H. Steven Moffic

February is Black History month. The history of American psychiatry and Black Americans should give us renewed inspiration to reduce disparities in behavioral healthcare.

Solutions for patient burnout are emerging

February 6, 2018     H. Steven Moffic

Recovery emphasizes addressing the concerns of the patient, and resilience is the increased personal strength that can come out of the recovery process.


H. Steven Moffic

H. Steven Moffic

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