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H. Steven Moffic Commentary

What is our clinical responsibility for suicide?

June 19, 2017     H. Steven Moffic

A young woman was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after texting her boyfriend encouragement to commit suicide. Certainly, the case has legal implications, but are there psychiatric ones?

Consider anger in society and psychiatry

May 30, 2017    

Healthy anger is proportional and responsive to a real and persistent need. It can be a powerful component of human survival and adaptation.

May we address our own mental health

May 8, 2017     H. Steven Moffic

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It's been designated as such since 1949 by Mental Health America. The overall goal has been to convey that mental health is something that everybody in America should care about.

Why we need art therapies

April 5, 2017     H. Steven Moffic

Arts therapies can help us to reach patients with schizophrenia, PTSD, TBI and others who need a different way of more comfortably "talking."

Love seems underappreciated in psychiatry

February 13, 2017     H. Steven Moffic

Love for your profession, your clients, colleagues and staff can be an essential ethical principle and goal for administrators.

Prevent and treat the post-holiday blues

January 10, 2017     H. Steven Moffic

This early part of the year is when the suicide rate spikes, and when depression commonly increases. Indeed, divorce lawyers have deemed the Monday after Christmas as "Divorce Day."

What we can learn from Carrie Fisher

December 28, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

Though Carrie Fisher's living force ended this week, her life force will remain with so many, especially for mental health.

Resolve to reduce suicide in 2017

December 9, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

As it turns out, risk seems to be reduced from Christmas Day to New Year's Day, but there are always ways to reduce the rate of suicide for the highest risk patients.

The race is over, so what can we do now?

November 10, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

If our patients were anxious before, that anxiety might escalate. We administrators and leaders have our own fear that reimbursement might be imperiled.

Half of America has election anxiety, but we can offer help

October 26, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

I decided to do a little of my own research and also ask colleagues for their opinions on the profound anxiety surrounding election season. Putting that all together, here is what I found out.


H. Steven Moffic

H. Steven Moffic

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