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Doug Edwards Commentary

M&A frenzy is not a fad

January 26, 2015     Doug Edwards

If you are a private residential operation, someone will likely come knocking on your door, meanwhile, if you are a CMHC executive, expect new privately funded outpatient providers to emerge in your community.

Acadia–CRC deal should motivate everyone to grow and adapt

November 3, 2014     Doug Edwards

The deal further proves that behavioral health is no longer the stepchild of healthcare.

Swine flu: Concern for the SMI population

April 28, 2009    

As with any disease outbreak, vulnerable populations often are most at-risk and need immediate attention, and that includes people with serious

Uncle Sam wants you to share your thoughts on parity regs

April 27, 2009    

It’s time to tell Uncle Sam what you want the parity regulations to look like! One of Behavioral Healthcare’s Editorial Board members has informed me

Swine flu—will the economy affect its spread?

April 26, 2009    

As fears about “swine flu” grow, an already stressed out country will have yet one more problem to tax their mental health. I wonder if the recent

Weighing social media's risks and benefits

April 24, 2009    

All across the Web, social media gurus are touting the value “Internet 2.0” can bring organizations, even those in healthcare service delivery. While

Reflections on the National Council conference

April 9, 2009    

Despite a stumbling economy, attendance at the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare’s annual conference in San Antonio this week

Stories in the works for May

March 30, 2009    

We’re already busy at work on stories for our May issue. Here are what we’re working on: Stakeholders work together on increasing the number of

SAMHSA left out of stimulus

February 26, 2009    

There’s no love for SAMHSA in the new federal stimulus law.SAMHSA was the only federal agency under the U.S. Public Health Service not specifically

Tiny URLs are so handy!

February 24, 2009    

Sharing Web links to useful information and online articles is commonplace these days. But many Web sites (ours included!) have very long addresses


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