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Big Pharma, big lawsuits

November 22, 2017     Brian Albright

The claimants in most of the pharma lawsuits want to see an end to what they characterize as aggressive and misleading opioid marketing as well as help in shouldering the enormous cost to states, counties and cities now dealing with rising levels of addiction and overdose deaths.

Annual cost of opioid crisis as high as $504 billion

November 21, 2017     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Two recent research studies have placed dollar amounts on the staggering costs of opioid addiction and overdose deaths. One federal report puts the cost at $504 billion.

How to prioritize behavioral health during disaster recovery

November 20, 2017     Barry M. Smith

It serves as a reminder that while disaster recovery efforts must first focus on physical health and safety, it’s also imperative to prioritize behavioral health as a part of disaster recovery.

Coalition forms to drive parity compliance in 10 states

November 17, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

The Parity@10 Campaign aims to shift the burden onto insurers to demonstrate their plans comply with the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act before they can be sold to consumers.

The 2017 Information Technology Vendor Survey

November 17, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

An increasing number of information technology vendors are partnering with residential care providers, a trend that is projected to continue heading into 2018.


Healing environments advance addiction treatment

November 16, 2017     Susan Romano

As healthcare institutions grapple with the opioid crisis, one increasingly important focus of their efforts to improve addiction treatment is applying innovative design concepts to both new and renovated treatment facilities.

Centerstone announces Uspiritus merger

November 15, 2017     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Centerstone Kentucky has announced plans to merge with Uspiritus, which offers two residential centers as well as community-based services for children and youth.

Websites can be valuable assets

November 14, 2017     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

While websites can be valuable assets that bring patients into your treatment center, experts specify that some websites hold more financial potential than others.

Accreditors support patient complaint processes

November 14, 2017     Alison Knopf

The four accrediting organizations in the behavioral health space have a complaint process for patients/clients/consumers and staff. Most offer a toll-free number that is posted prominently in the facility.

5 things to know about follow-on deals

November 13, 2017     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

After an initial platform deal, private equity investors look for secondary, add-on deals that enhance their portfolios by filling gaps and building scale. Here are five things to know about follow-on deals.

Group of payers say they will adhere to evidence-based principles

November 8, 2017     Gary A. Enos, Contributing Editor

Sixteen healthcare payers today announced a commitment to principles of addiction care derived from the Surgeon General's Report on Alcohol, Drugs and Health.

Indiana counties scrap syringe exchange programs

November 6, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

Now two years removed from an HIV outbreak in the state, old concerns drive Indiana counties to begin defunding syringe exchange programs.

Follow-on deals build out portfolios

November 6, 2017     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Private equity interest is accelerating in behavioral healthcare, with an upward trend seen among follow-on deals—the secondary transactions that build the portfolio after the initial platform deal.

Would involuntary commitment for addiction save lives?

November 2, 2017     Jill Sederstrom

Civil commitment for those who need addiction treatment could save lives, but hurdles impede implementation as states work through legal and ethical concerns.

IMD changes trump emergency declaration

October 26, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

In addition to declaring the opioid crisis a public health emergency, President Donald Trump on Thursday announced a policy to expedite the waiver process for states requesting an IMD exclusion workaround.

How to align marketing with big-picture goals

October 25, 2017     Alicia Hoisington

When the team at Footprints to Recovery took a step back to evaluate the organization’s marketing efforts, they found that their messaging didn’t quite align with the patients they were treating and hoping to target.

Follow best practices in accreditation

October 24, 2017     Alison Knopf

The four accrediting bodies in behavioral healthcare have different measures, however, there are some similarities when it comes to the site visit or survey portion of the process. Here are 15 tips from the experts.

How emotional health and physical health alarms differ

October 19, 2017     Ed Jones, PhD

The power of digital tools in emotional health should motivate and energize clinical/business leaders to validate this exciting opportunity for health improvement and business innovation.

Opioid crisis made worse by big-money influence and DEA disablement

October 17, 2017     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Those who are working tirelessly to address the opioid crisis were disheartened by a recent report that describes how profitable drug distributors influenced a policy that reduced the DEA’s ability to stop diversion.

How to determine your cost per acquisition and why it matters to rehab marketers

October 16, 2017     Gerald Ong

Measuring lead generation is a necessary—and often a forgotten—step in evaluating the rate at which individuals reach your rehab facility through its digital marketing materials.