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Reducing violence reduces risk for Negley Award winners

April 15, 2012
by Nick Zubko, Associate Editor
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Each year, Negley Associates honors good risk management practices. This year, award submissions focused on strategies and best practices for keeping clients and staff safe and the services the organizations provide to reduce the risk of violence.

When the award were presented at a session at the 2012 National Council Conference, Ron Zimmet, General Counsel, Mental Health Risk Retention Group (MHRRG), explained that submissions were approached from the standpoint of how to “keep people safe from violent incidents.”

While claims that get the most media attention are those that result from acts of violence against a third-party, Zimmet noted that acts directed toward other patients and staff members are actually far more common.

“Over the years, we find that most of these cases stem from insufficient information being used to make decisions on whether to detain a patient for involuntary examination,” he said. “Or, it is different than if they had done something to really maximize the validity of the information.”

This year, Negley honored three organizations for their risk reduction programs to reduce liability through improved safety measures. They included:

  • David Lawrence Center, Inc., Naples, Fla.
  • LifeStream Behavioral Center, Leesburg, Fla.
  • Grafton Integrated Health Network, Berryville, Va.

As Zimmet pointed out, all three utilized comprehensive data collection strategies and underwent extensive organizational and cultural transformation.

Each facility’s initiative was described in great detail. We’ll have the in-depth stories online soon. Stay tuned.