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Product/Service Center: Patient/Staff Scheduling Software

May 1, 2009
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The Anasazi Scheduling System supports automated scheduling not only for clients, but for clinicians, rooms, equipment-even transportation. You can view multiple schedules side-by-side, quickly schedule recurring appointments and create staff time slots for specific services. The Scheduler allows you to search for available clinicians who are credentialed to provide specific services and have the required license for billing under the client's benefit plan. Its full integration with other Anasazi Systems increases ease-of-use and efficiency. Contact Jon Gabriel at 866-529-7547, e-mail, or visit

The QuicDoc® fully integrated calendar efficiently manages scheduling and tracking of staff, clients, and resources. Providers' availability, activities, and scheduling blocks of time for specific types of client-related sessions can all be scheduled in conjunction with room scheduling for specific locations within an agency. Functionality is provided for scheduling group appointments, recurring appointments, client activities, and to indicate the need for transportation. View schedules for a day, week, or month. Show all providers' schedule for the day, or filter providers by discipline (e.g., Social Workers, Psychologists) or location. Call 800-850-8510 or visit for information.

The Echo Group is unique in providing a scheduling solution that provides full service authorization checks in real time as the services are being scheduled. With a scheduler integrated directly into the clinical data entry and billing process your agency will avoid duplicate data entry. The same service can then be amended with clinical documentation and moved through the billing process. The Echo scheduler also provides powerful search for next available staff functionality that allows you to automatically find the next available staff person based on language, skill set, degree and more. For more information contact Paul Kirsch at 800-635-8209, e-mail, or visit

Essentia's EMR Scheduler enables you to easily and productively manage the task of scheduling your client events. The scheduling feature provides maintenance of appointments and accommodates individual, group, and recurring scheduling. Appointments can be viewed for a specific day or for an entire week. The Scheduler feature is integrated with the Essentia Solution and is connected to the Clients Billing and Clinical Record Information. To learn more about Essentia, visit

At Sequest, we believe that offering an easy solution for client scheduling is imperative in today's demanding Service Provider environment. The TIER® Patient/Staff Scheduler allows the coordination of complex scheduling scenarios with minimal effort. Providers can easily view their schedules by department, program, and facility or view multiple providers across a single screen. The multi-windowed view allows easy visibility for all appointments whether client, staff or groups. To learn more about TIER® Scheduler, e-mail

Sigmund is a leader in implementing and supporting Enterprise EMR Software for Behavioral Health, Social Service and Addiction Treatment Providers nationwide. Sigmund offers a complete intake, clinical, billing and quality assurance solution. In addition, Sigmund's integrated scheduler simplifies the process of managing resources, operations and personnel across the organization. Comprehensive and reliable functionality allows scheduling of referrals, patients, beds and staff. Workflow is streamlined through integrated collections, clinical documentation and the automation of billing. For more information visit or contact Cory Valentine, Director of Client Development, at 800-448-6975 or

Smart Management, Inc.'s The Scheduler gives your team a tool to manage their most important resource-time. Your staff can manage clinical appointments and groups, medical appointments, intakes, staff meetings, vacations, and outside appointments, month-by-month, day-by-day or hour-by-hour-centrally or individually. Whether for residential or outpatient, methadone or Suboxone, The Scheduler is a crucial day timer tool designed for use by any member of your treatment program. The Scheduler saves scheduling time that can then be used for more important tasks-patient care. For more information, contact Michael Carruthers, Asst. Director, at 1-800-578-SMART (7627) or