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Product/Service Center: Electronic Medical Records

March 1, 2009
by root
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Anasazi Software

Since 1989, Anasazi Software has been singularly focused on creating the most comprehensive software solution available for the behavioral healthcare industry. We exist to increase your agency's productivity, revenue and quality of care. Our strategy of in-house development-as opposed to ad-hoc acquisitions of other people's software-provides a seamless, full-service electronic management system. And by working closely with our funded National and State User Groups, Anasazi keeps ahead of the curve. Contact Jon Gabriel at (866) 529-7547, e-mail, or visit

Askesis Development Group, Inc.

Askesis Development Group, Inc. is a leader in software solutions for the behavioral health, addictions treatment, and social services markets. PsychConsult Provider's electronic medical record is fully integrated with the application's administrative and financial functionality and is designed to automate the clinical workflow of inpatient, residential, and outpatient services. Complete with assessments, treatment planning, documentation, order entry, e-prescribing, and census management, the software's design ensures flexibility in configuration to meet your organization's requirements. For additional information, please visit our website at

ClaimTrak Systems, Inc.

ClaimTrak Systems, Inc. has provided software solutions to behavioral health organizations since 1990, offering a complete Electronic Health Record (EHR)-Clinical, Billing & Claims Processing, Scheduling, Reporting, Medication Management, etc.-for inpatient, outpatient and residential settings. While our customers utilize much functionality “straight from the box”, the ClaimTrak system has been designed to be extremely flexible to effectively accommodate customizations to clinical forms and operational processes, meeting the specific needs of each customer. For a free demo, call Nicole Passage at 602.622.0207 or visit us at

Credible Behavioral Health Software

Credible Behavioral Health Enterprise Software provides secure, proven, easy to use software for clinic, community, residential, and mobile care providers across the United States. Credible's commitment to innovation, ease of use and optimization runs throughout our software. Fully integrated and seamless, Credible provides clinical, scheduling, billing, form management, advanced search, medication tracking, mobile/field, reporting and management modules. For more information, please call 1-888-453-6873 or email

Defran Systems

Defran Systems' Evolv-CS is a fully web-based enterprise-wide case, clinical and financial management system specifically designed for the unique needs of human services organizations. It's the system most trusted by agencies nationwide. Evolv-CS includes advanced case and clinical management tools, numerous productivity aids and a comprehensive set of financial and billing features-creating a completely integrated electronic health record and AR/AP sub-ledger system. Visit us online at or send your questions to

DocuTrac, Inc.

QuicDoc® EMR software provides a comprehensive, scalable, and affordable solution for meeting the clinical and ethical requirements for documenting patient care. QuicDoc provides: Improved Charting through its ability to customize screens and forms and track vital patient data; Improved Communication between Providers through alerts, reminders, and internal messaging systems; Improved Accessibility of Records through an intuitive navigation system; Lowered Costs by saving time in accessing records, generating new notes and treatment plans, and eliminating paper and transcription costs. For more information visit or call 800-850-8510.

The Echo Group

The Echo Group has been providing leading Behavioral Healthcare information systems for 28 years. In 2009 we are enhancing our EHR functionality with an integrated ePrescribing solution, Medication Administration Record, Client Merge functionality, Progress Note enhancements. Join The Echo Group at NCCBH in April where we will unveil a revolutionary new way to use and view clinical information. The Echo Group is unique in also offering Transactions Management billing services and Rapid Insight Analytics software. Contact Paul Kirsch at (800) 635-8209, e-mail, or visit