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New Mexico behavioral health fraud: Coverage Summary

September 19, 2013
by Dennis Grantham, Editor-in-Chief
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Behavioral Healthcare has been following the ongoing behavioral health fraud allegations, and resulting system crisis, in New Mexico. Here's a rundown of all of our coverage.
New Mexico state flag

New Mexico AG clears first of 12 behavioral health providers in Medicaid fraud probe  January 17, 2014 - Dennis Grantham

Feature coverage, November/December print issue: Verifying an audit’s accuracy  October 24 - Shannon Brys

Land of (dis)enchantment   Sept 12 - Dennis Grantham

Nightmare: Ousted New Mexico CEO answers 'Rio Grande Seven' allegations that broke his agency   Sept 12 - Dennis Grantham

New Mexico fraud probe: 'Web of relationships' tangled 'Rio Grande Seven'   Sept 11 - Dennis Grantham

Cover story, September/October print issue: Fraud in New Mexico: Credible? Incredible? (Part 1) and Continued: Fraud in New Mexico: Credible? Incredible? (Part 2) - Dennis Grantham

A smoking gun in New Mexico's behavioral fraud case?   Sept. 3 - Dennis Grantham

New Mexico speaks, CMS listens   August 29 - Dennis Grantham

Perspective: The Human Cost of New Mexico’s Behavioral Health Crisis   August 16 - Sarah Couch

Last Chance? 10th Circuit Court could decide fate of defunded New Mexico agencies   August 1 - Dennis Grantham

Long-time New Mexico agencies face closure and consolidation   July 31 - Dennis Grantham

Cash-starved NM agencies file emergency court appeal   July 31 - Dennis Grantham

Harsh measures in NM: 10 lessons providers can apply now   July 24 - Patrick Gauthier

Fraud probe update: CMS defends New Mexico's defunding amid questions about audit findings   July 15 - Dennis Grantham