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Medivance Billing Service Announces Appointment of New CEO

August 12, 2016
by Medivance Billing Service
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Medivance Billing Service Inc., a national leader in revenue cycle management, today announced that the organization has elected Samuel R. Mitchell, Jr., as Chief Executive Officer effective August 14, 2016. Mitchell succeeds Medivance’s current CEO, William McCormick, who provided almost 5 years of continuous service to the company.

“After a thorough and deliberate selection process, I am delighted that Samuel will lead Medivance as we navigate through the evolving and expanding landscape of  revenue cycle management for the behavioral healthcare industry and beyond,” said Neisha Zafutto, Founder. “Samuel has a thorough understanding of the needs of our clients, our staff and our approach towards advocacy and thought leadership. I have no doubt that he is the right person to take the helm as Medivance enters its 10th year.”


Samuel R. Mitchell, Jr., Named Chief Executive Officer

“To have been selected as Medivance’s top candidate as its CEO, I am truly honored and consider it a privilege to be tasked with leading this dynamic organization into the next frontier, as we revolutionize the world of revenue cycle management” said Samuel Mitchell. “There’s an art and science into marrying thought leadership and revenue cycle management, Medivance has been able to unlock this mystery. I look forward to continued success as we penetrate other markets and offer ancillary services to our clients.”