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Magellan connects providers, consumers with PCs

June 10, 2008
by Shandi Matambanadzo, Associate Editor
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The managed care company views computer access as important to patients' recovery

Magellan Health Services in Arizona is helping people “get connected” to recovery. The managed care company recently handed out 100 restored computers to individuals and families coping with mental disease and recovery. Another 30 were given to family-run and peer organizations that help people manage their disease. The refurbished computers came from across the country, and Magellan plans to give away 300 more later this year, with a vision of continuing this reinvestment in

Maricopa County annually.

Alexandra Zavala, Magellan’s director of community reinvestment and involvement, stated that although having a computer might be commonplace for most people and businesses these days, many still cannot afford one. Taking this step was a way for Magellan to give to the community and strengthen technology within the local behavioral healthcare system, she said.

One of the recipients, Jane Kallal of the

Family Involvement Center, expressed her gratitude for the computers: “Having these computers in the center, for the community, will help us to broaden the range of services and information for children’s mental health issues for the families who receive help and you can’t beat the price.”

“Transforming behavioral health in Maricopa County requires a well-rounded commitment to the community,” said Magellan of Arizona’s chief operating officer, Jim Stringham. “We listened to the people we serve when they told us about how having access to computers has greatly helped them with their recovery. The computer giveaway program is perfectly aligned with our mission of supporting best practices and with our dedication to serving the community.”