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April 15, 2016
by William McCormick, CEO
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Are you a behavioral healthcare treatment provider or toxicology service in need of revenue cycle management services?

Medivance Billing Service is a national leader in revenue cycle management catering specifically to behavioral healthcare treatment programs and toxicology services. Our take on transparency, timeliness and data reporting is something that we hold in high regard. Our stance on rapid clean claim submission has enabled Medivance Billing to transmit on average, over $60 million dollars in claims monthly for our clients. And with over 150 employees, Medivance has the manpower and expertise to increase & maintain revenue growth along with providing constant communication that will instill confidence from you and your professional team.

The core services that we provide are:

  • Billing & Collections
  • Benefit Verification Services
  • Negotiations and ongoing agreements
  • Staff Training
  • Utilization Review Services

To learn more about Medivance Billing Service, contact us today! | 954-746-8232