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JourneyPure builds continuum with new outpatient centers

September 21, 2017
by Julie Miller, Editor in Chief
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JourneyPure is focusing on launching new outpatient centers with expectations that the organization will have 13 centers operational by the end of the year.

“We’re growing in the markets that we’ve been in—Tennessee, Kentucky and Central Florida—and soon we will be in Houston,” says Kevin Lee, CEO and co-founder. “There are so many markets we could go into, but we’re concentrating on certain ones.”

Lee tells Behavioral Healthcare Executive that the outpatient centers will be situated in neighborhoods that are within a 30 minute drive of 80% of the local population to ensure access. Growing the outpatient level of care also will allow for greater continuity of care for patients leaving the organization’s six residential centers.

“Most people can be treated successfully on an outpatient basis and do not require the controlled environment of a residential facility,” he says.

Value proposition

As the healthcare industry at large aims to deliver more value-based care, JourneyPure is working toward a possible bundled payment model for its insurance contracts that would rely on a single payment per-patient for a year’s worth of treatment. Rather than paying by day or by level of care, insurers would reimburse JourneyPure with the flat fee and allow the clinicians to deliver a flexible care plan, which includes long-term coaching.

“We would provide service at whatever level we think is necessary to get that person healthy, and then we keep them healthy for a year,” Lee says.

Certainly the model will involve some financial risk for the organization, and as part of the model, JourneyPure will need to prove to insurers that it is delivering quality care. Lee says clinicians are measuring outcomes and can produce scorecards on each patient’s progress. Currently, JourneyPure has about 1,000 patients from three facilities enrolled in the coaching program and in the past eight months has been in touch with 92% of them. Sixty percent are showing positive outcomes.

“In our industry, that is really good,” Lee says.