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May 13, 2016
by William McCormick, CEO
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The platitude of offering true customer service can sometimes be voided by the daily hustle and bustle associated with operational demands, industry changes and other entrepreneurial related barriers of success. Little did Neisha Zaffuto, Founder and President of Medivance Billing Service know that her vision of just providing hands on attention to adjudicated behavioral healthcare claims would lead to something so much more profound. After swapping the title of “Collector” for “Advocate” the culture was born to do even more on behalf of her clients, it was time to contest beyond the scope of general denials and rejected claims. The time had come being the industry had begun to make its transformational shift. Like so many times before, the healthcare market of behavioral health would be forced to make change. Here it is, supply and demand pushed the envelope of newness which made it the right time for Medivance Billing Service to develop and become recognized as the industry leader in revenue cycle management services for behavioral health treatment facilities and toxicology laboratories.

With the goal of building a solid team full of ethical principles and the mindset of establishing a sustainable brand, Zaffuto entrusted William McCormick, at the helm as Chief Executive Officer. McCormick, no stranger to healthcare services the 25 year healthcare executive with a proven track record of sales and business development, strategic planning and advocacy joined with James Gordon, Director of Business Development, the full of life and energy driven marketer, to orchestrate the right plan for becoming nationally recognized advocates that not only offered thought leadership but also exceeded expectations for not only their current clients, but for treatment centers and toxicology laboratories industry wide.

From state to state, the goal is to expand the brand of Medivance through contributing thought leadership events in various platforms and being a voice for positive change. It’s clear that educating all treatment centers can only add value to the industry as a whole. There is only one enemy and that’s “addiction” itself. So by having solid and strong collaborative relationships with nationally recognized organizations such as the Joint Commission, ICOTP (independent coalition of treatment providers), Dreamscape Marketing, Redwood Recovery Solutions, and others proves our commitment to support the industry of behavioral health.

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