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2010 Behavioral Health Champions—Introduction

July 2, 2010
by Dennis Grantham, Senior Editor
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One of the most important and enjoyable responsibilities I have as editor is to participate on the team that reviews the dozens of nominations that we receive for possible recognition as Behavioral Health Champions. Personally, it gives me the opportunity to speak with these executive leaders and understand the influences, motivations, and circumstances that led them to devote their heads, hearts, and lives to improving the availability, quality, and impact of behavioral healthcare nationwide.

As we recognize our 2010 Champions, let us remember that there is more than one meaning for the word “champion.” This recognition isn't about being first. It's about an older ideal: People whose lives, examples, and efforts offer understanding for the misunderstood, direction for those who might otherwise be lost, treatment and resources for those sapped by illness, and the hope of a better life—a life in the community—for all who seek it.

We hope that these stories offer continued inspiration, hope, and strength, not only as you remember the many difficulties and obstacles that you and our 2010 Champions have overcome, but also as you recall the boundless intelligence, imagination, and passion shared within the field-a resource against which no future obstacle can stand for long.
2010's Behavioral Health Champions are: - William J. Sette - Gary Van Nostrand - Denise Bertin-Epp - Franklin D. Lisnow - Robert E. Whaley

More online: To read about past years' Behavioral Health Champions, visit http://www.behavioral.net/champions. Don't forget to visit the organizational Web sites of our Champions and to nominate other worthy senior executive leaders, starting next spring, for recognition in 2011.

Behavioral Healthcare 2010 July-August;30(7):16-21