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The 2009 IT Vendor Survey Chart

September 1, 2009
by Dennis Grantham, Senior Editor
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Behavioral Healthcare published its 2009 IT Vendor Survey in this issue on pages 16 and 17, which listed the features of “core” software products from 56 IT vendors. Of course, it generated a lot of reader interest and comments from our vendors, but we are aware that the chart has errors, particularly in the “System Architecture” category.

The latest IT Survey chart has been posted at and is available for download.

In the downloadable version of the survey, we have added information about each company’s extended product offerings; that is, each company’s ability to provide additional capabilities through another one of its product lines or through a third-party partner. The revised chart lists all of the following:

• Capabilities “included in ‘core’ product” (colored box—as before)
• Capabilities “offered in other products” from the same vendor (colored box with O)
• Capabilities offered through a third-party partner (3P)
• Not available (blank box—as before)

Behavioral Healthcare 2009 September;29(8):16-17