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2015 UST Nonprofit Employee Engagement & Retention Report: A Survey of Nonprofit Executives, Supervisors and Staff

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The objective of this report is to understand the relationship between a nonprofit’s turnover and its employee engagement and retention strategies. In other words…what’s working?

The 2015 Nonprofit Employee Engagement and Retention Survey utilized multiple choice and open-ended comments to gather data from nonprofit employees across the United States, representing diverse job titles and sub-sectors.

The study highlights both employment trends within the nonprofit sector and correlations between employee engagement and turnover with various factors such as:

  • Compensation
  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Hiring practices

It also includes open commentary by UST with suggestions for interpretation of the data and how it can be utilized by nonprofit employers to inform their employee engagement and retention strategies.



Download this white paper today to learn:

  • how nonprofits are lowering their their turnover costs
  • what factors contribute to job satisfaction
  • what strategies drive engagement
  • how these affect employee retention within the nonprofit sector


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