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Mastering Change Management: Strategies for Success in the New Human Services Marketplace

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 | 1:00 p.m. ET, 12:00 p.m. CT
As states shift toward integrated care and value-based payment models, it’s more critical than ever to improve your business fundamentals so you can explore opportunities for growth and innovation. Are you working toward a paperless office? Have you resolved any lingering concerns from your implementation? Are the right pieces in place to ensure your organization can continue to thrive as our industry continues to change?
During this webinar, hear Hillside Family of Agencies' successful electronic health record (EHR) story and how it enhanced its status as a New York State behavioral and mental health leader. Additionally, learn how to implement effective change management strategies to stay at the forefront of the market.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn strategies for managing EHR selection and implementation, from initial selection to life post-implementation.
  • Understand the steps needed to effectively manage the changes an organization may take on the road to becoming an industry leader.
  • Establish fundamentals to better handle audits, earn additional grant money through more effective reporting, and lead the charge in your state's efforts to shift toward pay-for-value care.

Nancy Fella, RN, BSN, MSHA
Electronic Medical Record Project Director
Hillside Family of Agencies

As the Electronic Medical Record Project Director for Hillside, Nancy led their EHR implementation by managing numerous projects, including vendor selection and management, standardizing nomenclature, and configuring and data mapping both enrollment and billing functionality. She also managed the workflow process mapping of clinical services documentation as they transitioned from paper records to their EHR. She ensured strategic alignment of information resources with business priorities, management of project scope and risk, and end user training for go-live. She also leads change management toward process changes via facilitating consensus and increasing staff understanding of system capabilities, benefits and configuration.


Denny Morrison, PhD
Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Denny Morrison leads Netsmart’s clinical team in transforming clinical care in behavioral healthcare settings. Denny focuses on research-based practices and the need for better coordinated and integrated behavioral health and primary care. Prior to joining Netsmart in 2012, Morrison served as chief executive officer of the Center for Behavioral Health in Bloomington, IN.


Renee Schumacher
Director of Disabilities Services
Hillside Family of Agencies

As the Developmental Disabilities Services Program at Hillside Children's Center, Renee supports youth and young adults from the age of 3 up through a person's mid-20s until a transition into adult services. Renee has oversight of this person-centered program that spans several counties from Rochester to Buffalo. The program includes eight individualized residential alternatives, the intensive support unit, and the Medicaid Service Coordination program.