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New NAATP chief must earn trust

Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Michael Walsh helped to change the face of NAATP in his two year role as president and CEO. Now he hopes the work he began will continue into the future under a new leader.

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What might success in integrated care bring?

June 12, 2013    

I wonder what success in integrated care might bring. If we succeed in extending the average life span of people with Serious Mental Illness, how will that impact us as a system programmatically and financially...

Breaking: Origins completes deal to buy two Caron centers in Florida

December 19, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The addition of the Hanley Center will give Origins 10 acres of expansion capacity in West Palm Beach as well as a foothold in the East Coast.

Same-sex marriage recognition would be required under proposed rule

December 17, 2014     Lois A. Bowers

Community mental health centers that do not recognize residents’ same-sex marriages would be ineligible to receive Medicare or Medicaid funding under a rule proposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Evidence of parity misdeeds starting to pile up

December 16, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Class action lawsuits against commercial insurers will examine the standards by which reviewers determine the "medical necessity" of mental health and substance-abuse treatment

Update: American Addiction Centers buys Recovery First

December 16, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

American Addiction Centers begins its growth with a strategic acquisition in Florida that adds 56 inpatient beds to the AAC portfolio.

The antipathy between psychology and Christmas

December 15, 2014     Terry Stawar

As a psychologist I‘m afraid that that there may be more than a little antipathy between my discipline and the Christmas season in general and Santa Claus in particular. Gary Kustis, an Ohio-based organizational psychologist, says that many people’...

Listen carefully: The innocents still call out every day for our action

December 12, 2014     Ron Manderscheid

The social disintegration of our communities fueled by rampant poverty and readily available guns on every American street corner has created a deadly brew. Tragically, we have become an exceptionally violent...

BREAKING NEWS: Patty McCarthy Metcalf named new director at Faces & Voices

December 12, 2014     Gary A. Enos

Patty McCarthy Metcalf, best known in the field for her decade of service directing Vermont's influential statewide recovery organization, has been named executive director of the nation's most prominent recovery advocacy group.

Phoenix House to continue growth after Meitiner departure

December 12, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Howard Meitiner's accomplishments include professionalizing Phoenix House, adopting technology and evolving within the healthcare landscape.

Four factors that predict gun violence—substance use is one of them

December 12, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Vanderbilt University authors say that the focus on mental illness after rare, mass shootings misdirects the conversation. The focus should be on everyday gun violence.

McKesson talks top trends for 2015

December 11, 2014     Julia Brown

Big data will continue to play an increasingly important role in the year ahead.

IHI leaders look for integration opportunities

December 10, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement hopes to drive integration between behavioral health and physical health throughout the continuum under its Healthier Lives campaign.