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CMS aims to modernize Medicaid with focus on SUD

Julie Miller

States will put their heads together to drive best practices in data analytics and delivery models

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What might success in integrated care bring?

June 12, 2013    

I wonder what success in integrated care might bring. If we succeed in extending the average life span of people with Serious Mental Illness, how will that impact us as a system programmatically and financially...

Will Your Zip Code be Fateful for Your Health?

July 24, 2014    

We have learned that negative social determinants, such as poverty and lack of education, dramatically increase the likelihood that one will have fewer life chances and will be exposed to trauma—physical, emotional, sexual. That’s how these...

American Addiction Centers' planned IPO fuels ongoing investment discussion

July 17, 2014     Gary Enos

 The role and impact of investment dollars in the addiction treatment industry continues to be a much-watched topic, reinforced this month with American Addiction Centers' filing of plans to raise $75 million in an initial public offering....

Medicare paid OB/GYNs for doing your job

July 16, 2014     Julie Miller

Why would Medicare pay physicians who have no specific training to counsel and diagnose seniors? These folks might be taking cash out of your pocket.

Insurers still dropping the ball on parity

July 14, 2014     Julie Miller

Legal settlements highlight health plans' shortcomings in operationalizing parity within their coverage rules.

Rights asserted by our founders can identify common ground on needed mental health legislation

July 9, 2014     Ron Manderscheid

Today, we are engaged in a landmark effort to identify common ground for the best features of two very important pieces of proposed national mental health legislation. Recently, Representatives Ron Barber and Tim Murphy each have proposed very different...

U.S. prisons unable to meet mental health needs

July 8, 2014     Julie Miller

It's hard enough meeting the demand for behavioral health services, but add the complexity of the prison system, and you've got a perfect storm.

Providers react to recession ripples by diversifying levels of care

June 30, 2014     Julie Miller

Residential care is thinning out as state budget pressures drive higher utilization in community-based levels of care.

Practice the art of love and leadership

June 25, 2014     H. Steven Moffic, MD

A 1956 book, 'The Art of Loving,' still offers solid advice for today's businessperson who aims understand the idea of compassion in leadership.

Will peer supporters become Health Home integrators?

June 25, 2014     Ron Manderscheid

Another essential role for medical and health homes is the Health Home Integrator who provides essential support to the integrated care team and to the client. 

Communities bond through shared experiences

June 23, 2014     Lori Ashcraft

The ingredients that helped Andy Sekel’s trauma recovery are the same things that help others: A focus on strengths; support from peers; and opportunities to contribute to the wellbeing of others.

New York lawmakers create 'heroin package' to curb addiction

June 19, 2014     Julie Miller

Lawmakers seek to improve access to care and test new projects for the delivery of treatment.