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Editors Picks

More work to be done after Cures bill is signed

December 8, 2016  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Provisions in the 21st Century Cures Act will create a turning point in care delivery, but there are additional issues to examine over time.

TCIV: Trump health policy hasn’t shaken the market

December 7, 2016  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

When major policy changes are in store, the situation often makes the market jittery. However, the 2017 forecast is extremely bullish for behavioral healthcare.

Senate approves 21st Century Cures Act

December 7, 2016  |  BHE Staff

The 21st Century Cures Act is headed to the desk of President Barack Obama for final approval after the bill was passed by the Senate on Wednesday. Advocates for the bill say it will help fight the opioid crisis.

‘Pyschotherapy’ apps: Be mindful of usability, clinical orientation

December 7, 2016  |  Marlene M. Maheu, PhD

Before implementing the use of mobile apps, caregivers should ensure the software is properly designed and appropriate for the type of treatment being delivered.

TCIV: Favorable tailwinds entice buyers

December 6, 2016  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The addiction treatment industry is experiencing a climate of favorable tailwinds, and that market reality will continue to attract the attention of investors.

Promises acquires Park Bench Group Counseling

December 6, 2016  |  Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

Promises Treatment Centers has acquired Park Bench Group Counseling, rebranding the Somers Point, N.J., facility for young adults as Promises New Jersey.

TCIV: Policy gains are at risk in 2017

December 5, 2016  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The most important goal for behavioral health stakeholders under the Donald Trump administration will be to maintain the gains they’ve realized in the past 12 months.

Building Courage: Facility helps child sex trafficking victims reclaim lives

December 5, 2016  |  By Caren Cupp

Courage House, a campus in Northern California, offers sex trafficking victims ranging in age from 11 through 17 an environment that fosters feelings of safety and comfort as they rebuild their lives.

Providers concerned about future Medicaid block grant models

December 1, 2016  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Healthcare providers are concerned about proposals that aim to transform Medicaid into a block grant model, potentially resulting in less funding in the future.

Cures Act moves forward

December 1, 2016  |  BHE Staff

Behavioral health issues are decidedly bipartisan and will continue to be on the radar for lawmakers. Advocates for the Cures Act say it will help fight the opioid crisis and better coordinate mental healthcare.

Reflections on our recent national election

November 30, 2016  |  Ron Manderscheid, PhD, Executive Director, NACBHDD and NARMH

I am sure that you were shocked by the outcome of our recent national election. Now that we all have had several weeks to gain some perspective, I would like to offer the following about our path forward.

How to choose the right psychotherapy apps

November 30, 2016  |  Marlene M. Maheu, PhD

Mobile apps are a useful for resource, but clinicians should weigh their benefits and limitations before implementing their use to enhance the level of care they provide.