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What might success in integrated care bring?

June 12, 2013    

I wonder what success in integrated care might bring. If we succeed in extending the average life span of people with Serious Mental Illness, how will that impact us as a system programmatically and financially...

From Recovery to Resilience via Health Activation

April 13, 2014    

Very rapidly, we are entering the early stages of a very significant new social movement. In fact, it is so new that we do not yet have a very good way to describe it. Several concepts are competing, such as “self management”, “engagement...

Therapist calls for 'open, honest dialogues' between various players in behavioral health

April 11, 2014     Thomas A. Peltz, MEd, LMHC, LADC-1, CAS

After reading a recent article on Behavioral Healthcare, this therapist had some comments to share. 

HHS Secretary Sebelius resigns

April 11, 2014     Charlene Marietti

President Obama has accepted the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Despite a five-year term, she has been front and center to the disastrous rollout of sign-up for the Affordable Care Act.

Q&A: Getting paid in behavioral healthcare

April 10, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

Parity, ICD-10 and the Affordable Care Act are hot topics that involve major changes—changes that challenge behavioral healthcare executives who must deal with the details. Among all these, getting paid continues to be a top attention-getter.

Untreated mental disorders, unchecked guns

April 9, 2014     Alison Knopf

The combination poses a clear threat to our children, but not the one we thought.

Parity complaint process difficult to complete

April 8, 2014     Alison Knopf

The federal government has been supportive of the behavioral health treatment field in establishing rules implementing the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, but getting specific parity complaints to bring to regulators is a major ...

Jails are not healthcare

April 8, 2014     Kevin Turner

With high numbers of inmates suffering from mental illness, what is the difference between correctional facilities and behavioral healthcare?

Mental health coalition debuts at Yale

April 8, 2014     Charlene Marietti

College life can be overwhelming, especially for students with fragile or latent mental illness.

People protest treatment of mentally ill homeless man in Albuquerque

April 2, 2014     Charlene Marietti

Protesters outraged at death attributed to police brutality against a mentally ill homeless man.

Location, location, location

April 2, 2014     Charlene Marietti

Annual report confirms unequal access to mental health providers, as well as other clinical care providers, across the country. 

The ICD-10 Chronicles: How Congress solved one problem (for now) and created a whole new one

April 1, 2014     Mark Hagland

For those of us who have been wondering when the U.S. Congress would take action on the so-called “doc fix” issue, Monday evening’s congressional action was not the way to do it.