Editors Picks

CMS posts inpatient psychiatric hospital quality data

April 18, 2014     Charlene Marietti

Bedbugs in the waiting room

April 15, 2014     Terry L. Stawar, Ed.D.

At the 2011 annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, a series of case reports were presented showing how bedbugs can be responsible for a wide range of emotional and mental symptoms and can cause significant impairment, even leading to suicidal...

Rosecrance names new administrator

April 15, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

The new administrator will oversee adult mental health operations, including triage emergency services and the crisis residential program, soon to be combined in the creation of the Crisis Stabilization Center in downtown Rockford.

Pa. behavioral health systems announce plans to affiliate

April 10, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

Stairways Behavioral Health and Beacon Light Behavioral Health Systems have announced that their Boards of Directors have mutually approved a resolution to affiliate under a common Support Corporation.

Transformation in Philadelphia

April 7, 2014     Jon Korczykowski, M.A.

The Institute of Medicine’s Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century in 2001 was a wake-up call. Philadelphia’s behavioral health system heard it and took action. 

Centerstone receives $200,000 grant for crisis services

April 4, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

Funding will create the "Crisis Services High-Risk Follow-Up Project,” an extended outreach service to assist people in suicidal crisis by improving access to life-saving support, resources and treatment.

UPDATE: Obama signs legislation: mental health provision approved, ICD-10 delayed

April 2, 2014     Mark Hagland

With the official signature of President Barack Obama for the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014, $900 million in funding for the Excellence in Mental Health pilot programs moves forward, the compliance date of...

Payment and service delivery changes ahead

April 2, 2014     Dennis Grantham

Among the major changes projected for behavioral healthcare providers are these...

To merge, or not to merge

April 2, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

There are many mergers and acquisitions, yet more than half of them fail. CEO of Fairbanks explains where he believes most of these organizations fall short. 

New 2014 Edition of the FGI GUIDELINES Now Available: New Requirement for Safety Risk Assessments

April 1, 2014     James M. Hunt, AIA

This document is considered by many to create the “Standard of Care” for designing any kind of healthcare facility.  Some states have adopted it as law and many states write their own requirements based on this...

Excellence in Mental Health Act heads to the White House

April 1, 2014     Charlene Marietti

SGR “doc fix” bill with mental health provisions and ICD-10 delay heads to the White House

The power of negative leadership

April 1, 2014     Steve Moffic

Even a negative frame of mind can be helpful at times. Having doubts, questions, and guilt can lead to self-improvement.