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Industry reacts to Acadia-CRC deal

Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

With high-value acquisitions, such as Acadia and CRC, many wonder if a national brand is a distinct possibility in behavioral health

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MBHOs set the bar on complex case management

October 27, 2014     Julia Brown

The environmental shift of individuals with serious mental illness into managed care programs took part in influencing the accreditation additions.

How one big insurer integrates behavioral health

October 22, 2014     Julia Brown

Unnecessary testing and the overutilization of emergency rooms often go hand in hand with behavioral healthcare.

Insurance commissioner fixes mental health denials

October 22, 2014     Julie Miller

The Washington insurance commissioner is serious about holding managed care to mental health parity laws

Preparing our national Ebola response

October 20, 2014     Ron Manderscheid

Ebola is a vicious health and social threat. Control procedures can be implemented when active cases are suspected or discovered. However, it is imperative that effective response planning occur now...

Global-pay model integrates behavioral health

October 20, 2014     David Raths

Under Colorado's Medicaid Prime, the local health plan makes global payments to participating primary care practices and expects them to integrate behavioral health providers on their care teams

Are you ready for round two of ACA open enrollment?

October 15, 2014    

More than 7 million people with mental or substance use conditions still remain uninsured. What will you do to help?

Increased health risks, premature death linked to patients with psychosis

October 15, 2014     Julia Brown

Researchers say that a combined physical and mental healthcare approach is needed to improve treatment and prevention.

How to marry two organizations for future growth

October 8, 2014     Julie Miller

Organizations must strengthen their services, differentiate themselves from the competition and position themselves for value--and a merger might be the best way to do it

Industry sees AAC public offering as positive

October 3, 2014     Julie Miller

American Addiction Centers launched its IPO recently, and industry leaders believe the interest is a good sign.

Patient-centered means more than satisfaction surveys

September 30, 2014     Julie Miller

A Minnesota state hospital has created a patient advisory committee to raise the bar on what it really means to be patient-centered

Story-telling ROI? Ask the finance director

September 29, 2014     Terry Axelrod

The reluctance to hire a development director or community relations person (until the cost can be justified to the board) was soundly rebuffed a finance director, who cited the ROI of just such a...