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Consider the market before expanding to new locations

Joanne Sammer

Consumer demand, available staffing and healthy reserves are key variables in deciding whether to open a new facility

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5 leadership changes that you should know about

November 25, 2014     Julia Brown

These individuals were recently appointed by their organizations into positions of leadership.

10 marketing must-haves

November 25, 2014    

Marketing is an essential part of your business plan to attract new patients, gain support of referring clinicians or establish a reputation within the community, but implementation can be daunting.

Consider the market before expanding to new locations

November 17, 2014     Joanne Sammer

Consumer demand, available staffing and healthy reserves are key variables in deciding whether to open a new facility

How to keep your staff engaged

November 11, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

By seeking input and getting staff members off to a good start, upper management can ensure better recruitment and retention

BREAKING NEWS: Walsh to leave as CEO of NAATP by end of year

November 7, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor

The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) Board of Directors announced on Nov. 7 that CEO Michael Walsh and the board have mutually agreed to "move in other directions."

American Addiction Centers will examine outcomes as growth plan continues

November 6, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor

The CEO of American Addiction Centers has outlined a vision for steady growth and a push for outcome evaluation that will demonstrate the value of extended lengths of stay.

One CEO attacks bait-and-switch marketing tactics

November 3, 2014     Gary A. Enos, Editor

Industry leader remains concerned that some of the biggest names in addiction treatment are placing Internet marketing efforts in the hands of entities whose tactics might be unethical

MBHOs set the bar on complex case management

October 27, 2014     Julia Brown

The environmental shift of individuals with serious mental illness into managed care programs took part in influencing the accreditation additions.

How one big insurer integrates behavioral health

October 22, 2014     Julia Brown

Unnecessary testing and the overutilization of emergency rooms often go hand in hand with behavioral healthcare.

Insurance commissioner fixes mental health denials

October 22, 2014     Julie Miller

The Washington insurance commissioner is serious about holding managed care to mental health parity laws

Preparing our national Ebola response

October 20, 2014     Ron Manderscheid

Ebola is a vicious health and social threat. Control procedures can be implemented when active cases are suspected or discovered. However, it is imperative that effective response planning occur now...

Global-pay model integrates behavioral health

October 20, 2014     David Raths

Under Colorado's Medicaid Prime, the local health plan makes global payments to participating primary care practices and expects them to integrate behavioral health providers on their care teams