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Washington chips away at psychiatric boarding

Julie Miller

Psychiatric boarding has gotten so out of hand that the state Supreme Court banned the practice. Meanwhile, the community is scrambling to help patients.

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Patient-centered means more than satisfaction surveys

September 30, 2014     Julie Miller

A Minnesota state hospital has created a patient advisory committee to raise the bar on what it really means to be patient-centered

Story-telling ROI? Ask the finance director

September 29, 2014     Terry Axelrod

The reluctance to hire a development director or community relations person (until the cost can be justified to the board) was soundly rebuffed a finance director, who cited the ROI of just such a...

Government raid on Fla. sober home may prove to be tip of iceberg

September 18, 2014     Gary Enos

Good Decisions Sober Living was billing insurance $1,500 per drug test and testing each resident four times a week

Integrated facility treats Denver’s homeless

September 15, 2014     Julie Miller

The Stout Street Health Center integrates the physical space as well as the EHR system

Calling your donors—It’s the magic

September 8, 2014     Terry Axelrod

Before you know it, you may find yourself engaged in a real conversation with a passionate donor

Integration trend drives accreditation outlook

September 4, 2014     Alison Knopf

CARF, the Joint Commission, COA and ACHC are examining today's trends in the context of accreditation

11 best practices in branding and lead generation

August 25, 2014     Julie Miller

Online marketing campaigns can be optimized to improve goodwill and generate more leads through better testing and measurement

Stop selling! Represent your program instead

August 24, 2014     Julie Miller

Don't rely on selling tactics! Change your attitude to one of ethical, above-board marketing to represent your program honestly

How effective are patient confidentiality rules in today's system?

August 24, 2014     Julie Miller

The 42 CFR Part 2 law locks down data, preventing it from being leveraged for better clinical outcomes

Internal conflict can serve to benefit treatment centers

August 23, 2014     Gary A. Enos

The chief executive of WestBridge told a session audience at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) that high-functioning addiction treatment facilities do not shy away from staff conflict.

Key to accountability: Post your ethics on your website

August 23, 2014     Megan Combs

At the National Conference on Addiction Disorders and Behavioral Healthcare Leadership Summit, three panelists discussed organizational ethics and where we should go from here. 

Pharma gifts: Is there a free lunch?

August 19, 2014     Terry Stawar

That free pizza wasn’t nearly expensive or good enough to make me want to prescribe "Expensivexa"