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Web-based interventions hold promise for mental health, says CHF report

June 18, 2012
by Charlene Marietti
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The Web can go where mental health professionals can’t. While it can’t replace mental health professionals, web-based psychotherapeutic offerings can reach those reluctant to seek professional help due to cost, access to care providers, and/or stigma.

In addition to discussing market challenges, provider perspectives, and payment issues relevant to the technology-enabled mental health care products and services, The Online Couch: Mental Health Care on the Webprimarilyfocuses on solutions for mild-to-moderate depression.

Published by the California Health Foundation (CHF), the report divides computer-based and online solutionsinterventions into six categories that include self-driven or provider assisted cognitive behavioral therapies, online professional counseling, social networks, self-management and support apps, and virtual reality environments.