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Memorial Hermann gives recovering addicts 24/7 support

March 28, 2014     Gabriel Perna

At Memorial Hermann Health System’s Prevention and Recovery Center (PaRC), leaders have implemented a digital platform that provides its recovering addicts with a support community from the touch of their phone. Thus far, the center has gotten...

Video: ONC’s Scott Weinstein outlines the Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P) initiative

March 14, 2014     Dennis Grantham, Editor-in-Chief

ONC fellow discusses current privacy initiatives being explored in federal health IT effort

Good Grief It's the DSM-5 Quiz

March 7, 2014    

 A recent webinar I attended  generated a lot of anxiety over the DSM-5.  Strangely enough  it was more fiscal  then clinical, as the phrase "diagnosis creep"  was over shadowed  by "revenue cycle interruption...

Mental healthcare without boundaries: Part 2

March 6, 2014     Peter Eggleston

Rapid advances in video communication and integration technologies expand business opportunities.

Mental healthcare without boundaries: Part 1

March 3, 2014     Peter Eggleston

Curious about the potential benefits of video-based telehealth? Here's how to begin...

Bringing improved health and care to rural America

January 17, 2014     Ron Manderscheid, PhD

Many Americans, including some federal officials, seem to think that the United States consists of the east coast and the west coast linked by a flight on United Airlines. Nothing could be more removed from our actual reality. A huge part of our cultural...

PROBLEM: Added cost for medical patients with treatment resistant major depression SOLUTION: Transcranial magnetic stimulation?

December 4, 2013     Alison Knopf

Pa. health group adopts TMS to cut treatment costs for depressed medical patients.

MHealth and video conferencing lead to better care in rural North Carolina

August 12, 2013     Garrett Taylor

CEO of Uplift Comprehensive Health Services describes the benefits of incorporating mobile high definition video conferencing, including the doctors and clinicians being able to support even the most geographically remote patients, while also being able to...

Rethinking psychiatric diagnosis on the eve of DSM-5: A new paradigm for NIMH

May 7, 2013     Tom Doub, Ph.D., CEO, Centerstone Research Institute

It is time to challenge our current notions of diagnosis and seek a better understanding of the biological foundations of the brain so that we may develop more effective treatments and even cures. If successful, this agenda will move mental health into the...

Should Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect be part of your treatment team?

April 16, 2013     Tom Doub, Ph.D.

Emerging research suggests that a new software program called “SimSensei” may be able to use facial cues and body language to detect depression using Microsoft's Xbox Kinect. ... This is currently an active area of research in several academic centers around...

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