4 ways to manage slip-and-fall safety in your facility

December 31, 2014     Julia Brown

Behavioral Healthcare asked Gary Milewski of Managed Risk Prevention LLC to provide some practical tips on managing slip-and-fall safety—during the winter months and year round.

My View: Mental illness is a human issue

December 23, 2014     Robert Boraks

Unless we are prepared to forgive individuals who commit crimes due to mental illness, we will need to treat some individuals who are incarcerated in jail. We have no choice, we have an obligation.

My View: Mental illness is a medical issue

December 23, 2014     Kevin Turner

The lack of proper treatment for the mentally ill in our jails is a travesty, and it must be addressed. But as a society, when we focus on mental illness in prison, we focus on mental illness as an excuse...

What is the perfect color for your facility's design?

December 17, 2014     James M. Hunt, AIA

Many people seem to think they have the ultimate answer on which color scheme is right for all facilities, but the problems with this idea are many.

The design of physical spaces can have a profound effect on human engagement

November 20, 2014     Kevin Turner

TV and jigsaw puzzles are an attempt to artificially create the visible attributes of engagement without creating real, meaningful connection.

New Seattle Children's behavioral health unit aims to add capacity

November 18, 2014     Megan Combs, Associate Editor

The behavioral health unit had been operating at 100 percent capacity for several years, and the decision was made to expand it as part of the remodel project

Centerstone facility integrates behavioral, primary care

October 28, 2014     Margie Monin Dombrowski

A new facility for Centerstone of Tennessee ties primary and behavioral healthcare to create a unified space and continuum of care for patients of all ages.

Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital rebuilds after hurricane

October 24, 2014     Brian Albright

The primary challenge was not the design itself, but completing a functional, welcoming facility on a fast-track schedule with input from dozens of stakeholders 

Pay attention to the psychology of color

September 19, 2014     Cameron Forte

Consider three approaches that will make color work within your facility's interior design

Why are best practices so elusive in Behavioral Healthcare?

September 2, 2014     Kevin Turner

Variety is the fertile ground where innovation is possible, so be flexible in your designs

The evolution of behavioral healthcare facilities and emerging trends

August 25, 2014     Megan Combs
At the Behavioral Healthcare Leadership Summit (BHLS), architects Jim Hunt and Kevin Turner discussed the evolution of BH facility design. 
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