Pay attention to the psychology of color

September 19, 2014     Cameron Forte

Consider three approaches that will make color work within your facility's interior design

Why are best practices so elusive in Behavioral Healthcare?

September 2, 2014     Kevin Turner

Variety is the fertile ground where innovation is possible, so be flexible in your designs

The evolution of behavioral healthcare facilities and emerging trends

August 25, 2014     Megan Combs
At the Behavioral Healthcare Leadership Summit (BHLS), architects Jim Hunt and Kevin Turner discussed the evolution of BH facility design. 

Austin Oaks design preserves site’s heritage oak trees

August 20, 2014     Jill Sederstrom

Part of the appeal of the site is the large heritage oak trees, but they made planning the building's layout a difficult proposition

Design thinking and industry knowledge can find solutions together

August 15, 2014     Kevin Turner

As a designer of treatment spaces, I feel deeply connected to the behavioral healthcare community, even while I feel like an outsider.

Design recommendations for behavioral health outpatient facilities

August 7, 2014     Doug Bazuin and Cheri Hicks

Coordinated care is expanding as an approach to treating behavioral health patients, as evidenced by a project undertaken by Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services in Michigan.

Find a home for patients’ personal items

July 23, 2014     Joseph Doherty

Patients often become fixated on their personal belongings or might need to retrieve a forgotten personal item, requiring staff to dedicate patient-care time to retrieving patient belongings.

How safe is your emergency department for behavioral health patients and staff?

June 18, 2014     James M. Hunt, AIA

In recent years, healthcare organizations have experienced a growing number of patients with behavioral health issues presenting in their Emergency Departments.  This has...

Commitment debate fueled by the perception of the psychiatric hospital

June 16, 2014     Kevin Turner

Why would anyone object to being treated for their illness? Is it because the space seems less than beautiful?

Nepean Mental Health Centre

May 30, 2014     Kristin Zeit

Nepean Mental Health Centre in Penrith, New South Wales, Australia, which opened in March 2014, was modeled on the construction of the human brain.

12 details to review in gender-responsive spaces

May 28, 2014     Olivia Yetter

Three organizations created a collaborative project to redesign lobbies, rooms, parking lots, and common areas in a specific way to better deliver trauma-informed and gender-responsive care

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