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Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital receives international design award

July 23, 2015  |  Julia Brown, Associate Editor

Designed after Tropical Storm Irene damaged the existing hospital, the new facility was honored with awards for Mental Health Project and Design Project at the 11th Design & Health World Congress.

One killed, one wounded in Wyoming detox center shooting

July 23, 2015  |  Gary A. Enos

A central Wyoming detox center that has earned accolades for helping a community address alcohol-related problems was the site of a tragic shooting last weekend.

Top 13 psychiatric hospitals ranked in annual survey

July 22, 2015  |  Julia Brown, Associate Editor

Facilities were named among the best for difficult cases and procedures by at least 5 percent of the psychiatric specialists who responded to U.S. News surveys in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Choose honest materials that agree with the senses

July 7, 2015  |  Matt Finn

Expectation and experience are important in determining how a user will react to a space. Let’s explore how these concepts apply to flooring, which is an important part of every space we design.

‘Balancing’ no longer required

June 30, 2015  |  James M. Hunt, AIA

The word “balancing” to me implies compromise that may sacrifice one desired result to enable meeting other criteria.

Annual design showcase brings balancing act to light

June 29, 2015  |  Julia Brown, Associate Editor

Our expert panel weighs in on industry trends and balancing safety measures with the use of contemporary aesthetics in our annual Design Showcase.

Foundations brings nature, art and music into Memphis treatment center

June 12, 2015  |  Julia Brown

While locally inspired themes are incorporated throughout the facility and its property, visitors are transported somewhere far more tranquil than urban Memphis.

Natural elements transform facility's first impression

June 10, 2015  |  Julia Brown

The design team focused primarily on the building’s interior spaces, with a heavy emphasis on creating a new lobby that would be warm, welcoming and give a good first impression.

Cognitive considerations must figure into flooring design

June 9, 2015  |  Kevin Turner

The appearance of 'black holes' and spectrum sparkles on the floor can cause patients anxiety. Walk through your facility's flooring design with a keen eye for cognitive considerations.

How to stretch $50 grand

May 20, 2015  |  Julia Brown, Associate Editor

We recently presented top experts with a design challenge, asking for advice on what facility upgrades they might prioritize if they had a budget of only $50 grand.


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