Doctor/Patient communication is important!

March 5, 2015     James M. Hunt, AIA

A lot is being written recently regarding groundbreaking “studies” that show that doctor/patient communication is actually more important than the environment in determining patient satisfaction....

Hope House offers stepping stone for behavioral health patients

February 20, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

The 6,859-square-foot, 16-bed crisis residential facility in California provides an option for patients in need of transitional housing.

Meridian Behavioral Health opens new residential treatment facility

February 5, 2015     Julia Brown

Upon intake, patients will receive medical and chemical assessments, including Millennium Pharmacogenetic Testing, to help identify how the patient’s genetic profile may impact medication response.

Five programs that should be on your radar

February 3, 2015     Julia Brown

Stay informed on what's happening in the industry with these useful updates.

Safety risk assessment toolkit

February 3, 2015     James M. Hunt, AIA

Safety Risk Assessments are now required for all health care facility projects, according to the 2014 Edition of the FGI Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities.  The...

Walk-in behavioral health clinics emerge as potential trend

February 3, 2015     Michael Levin-Epstein

Experts say the increase is in response to factors including the return of military service personnel from overseas, awareness of mental health related to recent incidents of mass shootings, and heightened terrorism fears.

Northeast treatment chain builds community relationships; expects openings this year

January 21, 2015     Gary A. Enos

Bringing on a diverse executive team and executing a vision for science-based service certainly does not exempt an organization such as Recovery Centers of America from facing the inherent challenges of operating in the treatment industry.

Washburn Center lets in natural light

January 21, 2015     Julia Brown

The new facility for children and families incorporates naturally calming features throughout, such as bright and soothing colors, sunny areas, and views of the outdoors and gardens to enhance the healing process.

Designs for aging mean more than just dementia

January 12, 2015     Kevin Turner

We know that senior patients generally benefit from social interaction, for example, but what do we really know about the needs of the unique 65-year-old patient that doesn't fit the mold?

How to make 2015's trend color work for you

January 7, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

You might like the reddish-brown richness of 'Marsala' but at what point will it become dated and costly to replace?

4 ways to manage slip-and-fall safety in your facility

December 31, 2014     Julia Brown

Behavioral Healthcare asked Gary Milewski of Managed Risk Prevention LLC to provide some practical tips on managing slip-and-fall safety—during the winter months and year round.

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