Inpatient bathroom location options

February 21, 2014     James M. Hunt, AIA

  Where to locate the patient bathroom within a patient bedroom can be a very controversial issue with strong feelings voiced by many.  This blog will discuss the options and the positive and negative aspects of...

Proud of your facility design? Let’s see it!

February 18, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

Behavioral Healthcare is now accepting submissions for the 6th annual Behavioral Healthcare Health and Human Services Showcase. 

Environment can help, but it can't cure

January 19, 2014     James M. Hunt, AIA

Buildings cannot provide treatment.  Only human beings can provide treatment.  Placing a patient with a broken leg in the absolute ideal environment will not set the bone.  Similarly, providing the best possible space for a psychotic or suicidal...

Report: More behavioral health facility design research needed

January 14, 2014     Dennis Grantham, Editor-in-Chief

Center for Health Design report says additional research may drive new design standards

Transcending the conventional: Creating flexibility and durability for behavioral health

December 6, 2013     Jon Sell, Principal & Healthcare Planner, Array Architects and Joseph Schulman, Executive Director, The Zucker Hillside Hospital

For healthcare facility designers, flexibility has become a driving demand. Healthcare leaders find it hard to predict, with the coming changes in healthcare reform, how facilities can best respond to new paradigms for reimbursement and patient care. To...

BH blogger buzz: Meet James M. Hunt

December 2, 2013     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

Architect and facility design expert James M. Hunt shares the most important personal or professional lesson he ever learned and how that changed the way he continued forward in his 40-plus year career.

Top 10 Designs to Rethink in Your BH Facility

November 20, 2013     Megan Rozsa

James Hunt, practicing architect and facility management professional, explains the Ten Things You Know That Just Ain't So.

Let's discuss behavioral healthcare design assumptions

November 2, 2013     James M. Hunt

Commonly held assumptions that have been considered conventional wisdom for many years are still used as the basis of behavioral health facility design decisions.  Whether or not they are valid for use in today’s facilities will be the discussion...

At Boys Town Hospital, experience aids design

November 1, 2013     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

Before Omaha-based facility expanded space for young clients, the organization asked staff how to eliminate problems of the past.

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