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Fentanyl, carfentanil prompt higher naloxone dosage

October 21, 2016  |  Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

Two expert panels have voted to recommend that the FDA increase the minimum dosage of naloxone in the wake of climbing overdose rates involving fentanyl and carfentanil.

Clinicians can now access Pennsylvania PDMP

August 26, 2016  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Pennsylvania launched its newly designed PDMP on Thursday, now with oversight by the health department and access granted to clinicians and pharmacists, who by law must use the database in everyday practice.

Employers look to control prescription opioid costs

August 10, 2016  |  Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

Large U.S. employers will look to manage prescription benefit costs while also expanding mental and behavioral healthcare benefits in 2017, according to a National Business Group on Health survey.

Navigate the naloxone economy

August 2, 2016  |  Brian Albright

Simpler delivery mechanisms are making it easier for laypeople to administer naloxone in an emergency, but pricing of the medicine varies widely.

HHS raises buprenorphine cap to 275

July 6, 2016  |  Gary Enos

Federal leaders estimated that the increase in the cap could allow up to 70,000 more patients to receive buprenorphine for opioid dependence in the first year.

Report: States missing the mark on protecting public from opioid overdose

June 30, 2016  |  Gary A. Enos. Contributing Editor

The National Safety Council states in a new report that only four states meet five of six indicators of progress in combating the opioid overdose crisis, with no states meeting all six criteria.

North Carolina law allows naloxone without prescriptions

June 21, 2016  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed a law on Monday creating a statewide standing order allowing pharmacies to dispense naloxone directly to consumers.

Anthem funnels high-risk patients to single pharmacy site

June 1, 2016  |  Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

With gaps in prescription drug monitoring databases potentially being exploited, the Pharmacy Home Program for Anthem health plans limits high-risk members’ drug coverage to a single location.

Buprenorphine implant earns long-awaited FDA approval

May 27, 2016  |  Gary Enos, Editor

Probuphine implants provide a constant, low-level dose of buprenorphine for six months in patients who are already stable in treatment, but cost could be a concern.

CVS expands naloxone program

May 25, 2016  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

CVS Health has added seven states to its naloxone program, reflecting the trend among drug stores nationwide that are increasing their efforts to address addiction.

Should Walgreens be in the mental health business?

May 18, 2016  |  H. Steven Moffic

I hope everyone is trying to contribute to Mental Health Month. It seems like drugstore chain Walgreens is trying to make a difference this year.

The least you need to know about Imodium overdoses

May 12, 2016  |  Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Emergency medicine specialists have noted a trend in fatalities related to misuse of Imodium by individuals who might be seeking to reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms or to produce an easy high.


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