Government raid on Fla. sober home may prove to be tip of iceberg

September 18, 2014     Gary Enos

Good Decisions Sober Living was billing insurance $1,500 per drug test and testing each resident four times a week

Recovering addicts tell their stories at the White House

September 17, 2014     Julie Miller

When was the last time a group of recovering addicts were invited to speak at the White House? It happened today in honor of National Recovery Month.

Consistent messages catch lawmakers' attention

August 23, 2014     Julie Miller

At the Behavioral Health Summit, Andrew Kessler provided a snapshot of the opportunities for advocacy

Williams’ death reminds us that a patient’s relief might be a warning sign

August 13, 2014     H. Steven Moffic, MD

Now, after his reported suicide, Williams' upbeat "Good Morning Vietnam" seems more like a final good night

Recovery coaches provide ROI for Gosnold

August 11, 2014     Kaiser Health News

Gosnold director Ray Tamasi says the coaching program saved 37 percent because fewer people spent time in rehab

Your future includes tempered optimism

July 31, 2014     Julie Miller

Balance your business needs with your mission and your market

Leverage effective marketing in a post-ACA environment

July 28, 2014     David Stone, PhD and Stephen McLean

Community mental health providers must be able to adapt their business models to effectively reach new consumers

Will Your Zip Code be fateful for your health?

July 24, 2014    

Negative social determinants, such as poverty and lack of education, increase the likelihood that one will be exposed to trauma—physical, emotional, sexual. Although we cannot prevent it, we can reduce its negative effects

American Addiction Centers' planned IPO fuels ongoing investment discussion

July 17, 2014     Gary Enos

 The role and impact of investment dollars in the addiction treatment industry continues to be a much-watched topic, reinforced this month with American Addiction Centers' filing of plans to raise $75 million in an initial public offering....

Mergers: 85% of you are doing it wrong

July 16, 2014     Julie Miller

Learn how to avoid common pitfalls, identify suitable partners, and review the due diligence process required for a successful partnership at the Behavioral Healthcare Summit presentation 

Therapists test benefits of open notes

July 8, 2014     Julie Miller

Would you allow clients to read your unstructured notes after a counseling session? What if they took offense to your benign observations? 

Weigh the pros and cons of onsite lab and pharmacy

July 7, 2014     Julie Miller

Review key considerations when you build your business case for onsite lab or pharmacy services.

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