CEO Golden Hour, Part 2: Small Group Lunches

March 31, 2014    

Purpose: CEO and board members become more comfortable with the donor cultivation process, while giving your loyal donors an inside, personal view of the organization

New mental health facility for children in Ohio

March 28, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

Coleman Professional Services' new building will offer treatment that is specifically child and family focused. 

CEO Golden Hour, Part 1: Call Your Donors

March 10, 2014    

What would it take for you to pick up the phone and call your donors? A personal call from the CEO or executive director is a call they will remember. 

The Rollover Moment in Asking for Money

February 24, 2014    

The fear of asking for money begins to melt as the CEO realizes that their job is not to persuade or convince anyone to give them money, but rather to share their purpose and goals with potential donors and listen closely to see what resonates.

Fundraising: Share with the community, and they will share with you

February 20, 2014     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

Your organization may know the community, but don’t assume that they know you.

Top 5 Ways to Show Your Board That You Value Them

February 3, 2014    

Ask yourself this question in every interaction that you have with each board member: is this how I would treat a major donor?

Messaging the Merger: 5 Inevitable Questions

January 13, 2014    

“What do we say about the fact that donor contributions will now be held by a larger organization in a town that seems very far away?” “What should we say to reassure our loyal donors that our day-to-day programs and services will remain...

BH blogger buzz: Meet Terry Axelrod

December 23, 2013     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

Terry Axelrod, founder and CEO of Benevon, has expertise in fundraising and commonly writes about how organizations can better work with donors.

Results are the Best Recognition

December 9, 2013    

This deeper recognition will be what they are ultimately yearning for, and what will cause them to remain loyal to your organization for a lifetime.

The Truth About Delegating—A Day in the Life

November 18, 2013    

Many groups come away realizing that, if they are serious about focusing on major gifts, they must make time for it in people’s calendars and workloads.

Old-Style Fundraising, aka How to Kill Off Your Board

November 4, 2013    

In terms of their love of fundraising, a random sample of board members will pretty much mirror the larger population. In other words, fundraising is just not everyone's favorite activity. Does this typical scenario sound familiar?

Fundraising is scary

October 25, 2013     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

Every organization knows that fundraising can be tough, but it is necessary. Find out why one organization is scaring individuals with their latest fundraising venture.

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