Caron sets focus on growing senior market

December 23, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The recent sale of the Hanley Center will help Caron increase care capabilities for seniors--a population that is set to reach 75 million people by 2020.

Why You Need to "Fundraise" Even If You Don't Need the Money

December 15, 2014    

Try for a moment to forget everything you've known or thought about as "fundraising"—all the baggage you've got about being tricked, manipulated, made to feel guilty, strong-armed, or entertained, albeit for a good cause.

Taking stock of your fundraising year

November 25, 2014     Terry Axelrod

This is the perfect time of year to debrief, to reflect, and to regroup. What will you keep as is? What needs to be changed or discarded altogether?

Asking donors for advice—imagine that!

November 3, 2014     Terry Axelrod

I see this happening so often: Donors really rolling up their sleeves and getting involved—but often only when they are asked for advice or input. 

How about a Thanksgiving Thank-a-thon?

October 20, 2014     Terry Axelrod

People remember a personal "thank you," and, right now, on the front edge of the holiday season, you have full license to call them for no other reason than to say "thank you."

Story-telling ROI? Ask the finance director

September 29, 2014     Terry Axelrod

The reluctance to hire a development director or community relations person (until the cost can be justified to the board) was soundly rebuffed a finance director, who cited the ROI of just such a...

Calling your donors—It’s the magic

September 8, 2014     Terry Axelrod

Before you know it, you may find yourself engaged in a real conversation with a passionate donor

Top 5 ways to appreciate your donors

August 18, 2014    

Find at least two opportunities each year to communicate personally with each donor. Resist the temptation to do all the talking; ask lots of questions, and listen to what they need and want. 

Leaving 'your' legacy: It’s not about you

July 28, 2014     Terry Axelrod

If you are one of those superstars in your arena, you no doubt know the test is in your legacy.

Asking naturally—You can do this

July 7, 2014    

The key to a successful 'ask' is being a real human being—not a robot with a script, but a regular person who truly cares about this organization and this donor. 

Tired of complaining about your board? Adopt this Golden Rule

June 16, 2014    

Here, in your board members, you have the most dedicated volunteers. Why not assume they will become your most passionate major donors?

Big gift earmarked for new integrated treatment center

June 11, 2014    

A private, non-profit alcoholism and drug addiction treatment center received $13 million to build a new facility with integrated care in mind.

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