Co-Occurring/Dual Diagnosis

Lake Villa Drug Treatment Center welcomes new director

March 19, 2013     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

Patricia Ryding, Psy.D. comes to Gateway Foundation from CRC Health Group's Sierra Tucson where she was previously the Executive Director.

Efficient, but separate behavioral, physical healthcare is 'a delusion'

March 5, 2013     Dennis Grantham, Editor-in-Chief

Realizing better cost-efficiencies and outcomes is impossible so long as physical and behavioral care remain separated in practice

Peer support, engagement boost addiction treatment readiness

February 14, 2013     Dennis Grantham, Editor-in-Chief

Peer support shows women the way to addiction recovery

Tobacco-free on Valentine's Day: Why recovery lovers hate smoking

February 13, 2013     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

Colorado-based treatment center shares its hopes and challenges for the new tobacco-free policy it will be implementing on Feb. 14.

Report: Sharp rise in admissions for certain drug combinations over 10 years

December 17, 2012     Shannon Brys, Associate Editor

SAMHSA's latest report says that substance abuse treatment admissions for addiction involving combined use of benzodiazepine and narcotic pain relievers increased dramatically over ten years.

Building integrated treatment for dually diagnosed youth

November 26, 2012     Susie Winston, LICSW; Theresa Winther, LMFT, CDP, CMHS; and Cheri Smith, LMHD, CMHS, CDPT

Sound Mental Health’s team recounts lessons learned in developing a much-needed approach.

Chronic Pain and Addiction Center moves forward at Silver Hill Hospital

June 7, 2012    

Dr. Seddon R. Savage leads Silver Hill Hospital's new center

NAATP 2012: Breaking the silence of recovery

May 20, 2012     Nick Zubko, Associate Editor

Christopher Kennedy Lawford opened the 2012 NAATP conference with a simple message, encouraging attendees to help "change the story" of recovery to one that focuses on experience, strength and hope.

Cleveland rocks

October 31, 2011     Dennis G. Grantham, Editor-in-Chief

One of the inmates undergoing treatment at the Bexar County Mentally Ill Offender treatment facility in San Antonio, Texas let me know exactly what he thought of my hometown when I visited this jail-diversion facility for a visit.

New partnership seeks evidence-based care for co-occurring disorders

September 16, 2011     Gary Enos

Addiction professionals have long been told that clients presenting with co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders constitute the expectation, not the exception. Yet translating that awareness into the provision of truly integrated treatment poses a...

Mental Health Home as Hospitals Without Walls: New York State's Mental Health System Reform

September 1, 2011     Jack Carney, DSW

It appears that “mental health homes” are the hot new items in the public mental health system. Nationwide. The Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s healthcare initiative, contains incentives for the tates to establish the homes and incorporate them into...

Can you afford to ignore generational differences?

May 26, 2011     Debra Neal, LSC, CSAC II

Adult consumers span four generations. Does your staff have the understanding to connect with all of them?

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