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H. Steven Moffic Commentary

Reaction to music indicates empathy

September 22, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

The ability to feel another's pain, to take a step back from that, be concerned, and put into play efficacious therapeutic processes is a desirable trait among staff. Yet, hasn't it always been a challenge to find that out before hiring someone?

Should we reach out to American Muslims on 9/11?

September 8, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

Most anyone in the mental health field can anticipate the potential problem and conflict: a joyous Muslim holiday coinciding with an American tragedy that is associated with the actions of some Muslim extremists.

Consider the Olympics of mental health and recovery

August 10, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

Maybe someday we can dream big, like many Olympic athletes have done and host the Olympics of Mental Health. The competition could be about who overcame mental challenges and disorders to recover and succeed in life.

Consider the psychological state of our settings

July 11, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

This would be a good time to check the state of our own mental healthcare unions: our clinics, hospitals and office practices. This time of year also dovetails with the annual turnover in our academic institutions.

How we might process the Orlando tragedy in our daily work

June 13, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

Music, somewhat akin to meditation, is a healing force. Consider the potential for music and meditation in our everyday work as we try to process the tragedy in Orlando for ourselves and with our patients.

Should Walgreens be in the mental health business?

May 18, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

I hope everyone is trying to contribute to Mental Health Month. It seems like drugstore chain Walgreens is trying to make a difference this year.

Public autism education is our responsibility

April 18, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

Instead of paying so much attention to the false information about vaccines, attention must be paid to increasing educational and work opportunities for those with autism disorders.

What psychiatric ethics says about narcissism and presidential candidates

March 22, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

Behavioral health professionals shouldn't give out diagnostic opinions about any of the candidates, as tempting as that might be. And yet, it still happens in spite of ethics guidelines.

What terms should we be using in behavioral healthcare?

February 5, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

We all should also know that names and terminology in our field can have powerful psychological and attitudinal ramifications. As such, they can potentially help or harm our patients or, if you prefer, our “consumers,” or our “customers.”

Lessons from the life of Robert Spitzer

January 5, 2016     H. Steven Moffic

Every time you successfully use DSM and evidence-based guidelines geared toward the diagnosis of a unique patient, you are extending the legacy of Dr. Robert Spitzer, the great disrupter.


H. Steven Moffic

H. Steven Moffic

H. Steven Moffic, M.D. retired from the clinical practice of psychiatry and his tenured...