Quality group disappointed by plans’ behavioral health performance

October 22, 2014     Julie Miller

NCQA's 2014 quality report notes declines in behavioral health quality measures among health plans. The group will track additional data in the future.

How one big insurer integrates behavioral health

October 22, 2014     Julia Brown

Unnecessary testing and the overutilization of emergency rooms often go hand in hand with behavioral healthcare.

Global-pay model integrates behavioral health

October 20, 2014     David Raths

Under Colorado's Medicaid Prime, the local health plan makes global payments to participating primary care practices and expects them to integrate behavioral health providers on their care teams

Addictions emerge as the nation's #1 public health crisis

October 17, 2014     Linda Rosenberg

We need not wait for the next high-profile overdose death to realize that addictions have emerged as America’s biggest public health crisis, nor should we stop asking tough questions

Centerstone plans Manatee Glens merger

October 9, 2014     Julie Miller

Centerstone picks up another state with large-scale operations and aims ever-closer to its goal of $200 million in revenue

Buprenorphine use remains hit or miss

October 9, 2014     Julie Miller

Counties with Medicaid and/or block grant funding to reimburse for office-based buprenorphine use have more credentialed, waivered physicians

EXCLUSIVE: $200 million investment will launch major science-based treatment chain

October 9, 2014     Gary Enos

Investor appalled at the level of treatment and hospitality and the condition of the majority of treatment centers in the United States and aims to raise the bar with comfortable rooms, with access to customized meals and a compassionate environment 

How to marry two organizations for future growth

October 8, 2014     Julie Miller

Organizations must strengthen their services, differentiate themselves from the competition and position themselves for value--and a merger might be the best way to do it

The 2014 Information Technology Survey

October 7, 2014     Julie Miller

Our annual look at the healthcare information technology companies and products izes up a wide range of offerings specific to behavioral health.

Industry sees AAC public offering as positive

October 3, 2014     Julie Miller

American Addiction Centers launched its IPO recently, and industry leaders believe the interest is a good sign.

BREAKING: American Addiction Centers’ IPO echoes market trends

October 2, 2014     Julie Miller

The healthcare industry has plenty of public companies, but AAC's initial public offering is significant in the behavioral healthcare segment

Behavioral health helpers gain Navigator grants

October 1, 2014     Julie Miller

Navigators are the nice folks who help people in their communities sign up for health insurance during open enrollment

Traumatic brain injury affects behavioral health

September 25, 2014     Kristie Golden, PhD, LMHC, CRC

Regardless of whether the substance use was directly associated with the brain injury or developed as a maladaptive coping mechanism post injury, it is something that cannot be overlooked

Washington chips away at psychiatric boarding

September 24, 2014     Julie Miller

Psychiatric boarding has gotten so out of hand that the state Supreme Court banned the practice. Meanwhile, the community is scrambling to help patients.

Pay attention to the psychology of color

September 19, 2014     Cameron Forte

Consider three approaches that will make color work within your facility's interior design

Government raid on Fla. sober home may prove to be tip of iceberg

September 18, 2014     Gary Enos

Good Decisions Sober Living was billing insurance $1,500 per drug test and testing each resident four times a week

FACT FILE: Top 5 barriers to SUD treatment

September 18, 2014     Julie Miller

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that 20 million people need SUD treatment but don't receive it

Teen drug use on declining trend

September 17, 2014     Julie Miller

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows illicit drug use is down 24% over the past decade

Integrated facility treats Denver’s homeless

September 15, 2014     Julie Miller

The Stout Street Health Center integrates the physical space as well as the EHR system

Berwick sees the possible in healthcare

September 10, 2014     Lori Ashcraft

Former CMS Administrator Don Berwick says the payment system is all wrong in spite of many people trying to do what's right

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