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Facing pressure, insurance plans loosen rules for covering addiction treatment

February 23, 2017     Kaiser Health News

Aetna will stop requiring prior authorization for prescribing medications to treat opioid addiction, following similar moves from Anthem and Cigna.

What Works: Centerstone improves outcomes through health home model

February 22, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

Integrating behavioral health and primary care has helped Centerstone coordinate services and provide better outcomes for patients.

Linda's List 2017

February 22, 2017     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Linda Rosenberg, president and CEO of the National Council for Behavioral Health, says while she herself tends to be optimistic, this is clearly a year to be more cautious for a number of reasons.

Treatment that includes marijuana use ignites debate

February 21, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

High Sobriety in West Los Angeles is the latest example of treatment centers using marijuana as part of treatment for addiction to alcohol and other drugs, a highly polarizing practice.

7 questions to answer before hosting a job fair

February 20, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

Leaders from Recovery Centers of America and Spectrum Health System share their experiences for making the most of hiring events.

Bipartisan caucus aims to address opioid crisis

February 17, 2017     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Congressmen Hal Rogers and Stephen F. Lynch are bringing together Republicans and Democrats in the Congressional Caucus on Prescription Drug Abuse to discuss best practices to address the opioid crisis.

How to manage bad debt

February 14, 2017     Brian Albright

With more patients covered under high-deductible plans or Medicaid managed care plans, the new payer mix has shifted more of the burden for payment onto the patient and collection onto the provider.

10 ways private equity investors evaluate addiction treatment centers

February 13, 2017     Ron Lebow and Kelly M. Hagemann

The first priority for an equity investor is to perform the diligence necessary to uncover problem areas and ensure a return on investment.

Smart facility designs enhance autism treatment

February 13, 2017     Jaques Black

Environmental factors affect the behavior and well-being of persons with autism spectrum disorder.

ASAM seeks input on appropriate drug testing

February 10, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

ASAM is accepting public comment on a drug testing appropriateness document that is being developed to provide guidance on drug testing in diagnosis, treatment and promotion of recovery from addiction.

Repealing Medicaid expansion is deadly

February 10, 2017     Joe Parks

If Congress truly wants to cut the cost of care, some of our greatest savings would come from reducing the horrendous inefficiencies created by non-standardization.

Music programs play a part in treatment

February 10, 2017     Donna Marbury

Helping patients enhance personal expression by creating their own music is one tool that treatment centers are increasingly using to make better connections.

BayMark deal adds detox services

February 7, 2017     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

BayMark Health Services, has completed its acquisition deals for AppleGate Recovery and Coleman Institute—two medication-assisted treatment providers.

How to comply with patient record requests

February 6, 2017     David Raths

Providers must confer with federal HIPAA guidance as well as state laws permitting patients access to their clinical records upon request.

FAQs: What new SAMHSA confidentiality regulations mean to you

February 3, 2017     Walter H. Boone

SAMHSA recently published its long-awaited final rules governing confidentiality of patient records for substance abuse disorders. Here is what treatment centers need to know about them.

Physicians less comfortable discussing mental health than weight

February 3, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

A recent study published by SERMO, a social network for doctors, shows more physicians are comfortable discussing weight concerns with patients than mental health issues.

Christie aims to nix prior authorization for opioid treatment

February 2, 2017     Joanne Sammer

Legislation advances that would mandate 180 days of inpatient and outpatient substance-abuse treatment without prior authorization.

How to succeed online in 2017

February 2, 2017     Andrew Garcia

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, but what trends should be top of mind in the year ahead?

Opioid crisis brings paradigm shift

January 30, 2017     Joanne Sammer

New approaches to reimbursement for opioid addiction treatment might include measures of evidence-based care protocols as well as patient outcomes.

5 myths about the HIPAA Privacy Rule

January 25, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

Debunking common misnomers about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule, specifically related to mental health information