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White House adds new MAT funding

February 2, 2016     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The White House is asking for $1 billion in new mandatory funding to tackle the opioid crisis in its fiscal year 2017 budget, with $920 million allocated to medication assisted treatment.

Why good food is good marketing

February 2, 2016     Jill Sederstrom

Clients care as much about what's on their plates as they do about what's in their treatment plans. Bonus: The benefit of serving chef-quality meals goes well beyond marketing.

Avoid foods that tweak opioid receptors

February 2, 2016     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

There are highly nuanced food choices to consider in addiction treatment, such as a diet with reduced sugar and reduced gluten to avoid triggering opioid receptors.

Health Net looking for fraud among treatment centers

January 28, 2016     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

In a particularly aggressive move, insurer Health Net is investigating several residential and outpatient treatment centers for alleged fraud in California, asking for documentation to prove certain practices were above board.

Illinois undergoes statewide cutbacks in substance abuse, mental health services

January 28, 2016     Julia Brown, Associate Editor

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois is shutting down several programs because of financial strain caused by the state budget impasse. The nonprofit is still owed more than $6 million. 

SAMHSA barometer shows reduction in teen smoking

January 26, 2016     Alison Knopf

The finding is important because it means that as the teens get older, they will be less likely to smoke as adults. Likewise the trend indicates prevention efforts are successful and should be continued.

What Works: Partnerships serve rural populations

January 25, 2016     Brian Albright

Centene's grant program has identified innovative solutions in which rural stakeholders have been able to collaborate and pool their resources for greater reach.

When a merger works for good

January 19, 2016     Richard Leclerc

Lifespan had annual revenue of $2 billion when it acquired Gateway, with its $60 million in annual revenue. Since then, the team at Gateway has learned a thing or two about what being acquired actually means in the real world. 

Linda's List of 2016 priorities includes legislation and diversification

January 19, 2016     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

This year, National Council for Behavioral Health President and CEO Linda Rosenberg is monitoring the progress of federal legislation, mergers and acquisitions, new technology and the potential found in brain plasticity. 


January 19, 2016     William McCormick, CEO

Independent Coalition of Treatment Providers making strides in 2016

During this episode of Behavioral Health Today, Lakesha Bennett interviews Medivance Billing Service CEO, William McCormick and Intervention 911 founder, Ken Seeley to learn more about the mission and goals of the Independent Coalition of Treatment Providers (ICOTP).

Click Here To Watch Video Now.

Continuity of care documents bridge gaps

January 14, 2016     David Raths

Continuity of care documents (CCDs) are generated from EHRs and designed for transferring a standard set of patient information between care settings. Data might include patient demographics, diagnoses, current medications, a brief summary of assessment results and the care plan.

Part 2 workarounds encumber safety net plans

January 12, 2016     Donna Marbury

A new ACAP report finds that 42 CFR Part 2 creates a new stigma--one that stands in the way of coordinated care for those with substance use disorders.

Needle exchange no longer off limits

January 12, 2016     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

This year’s $1 trillion budget measure basically funds the federal government, but few realize that it also includes needle exchange funding and AOT grant money.

NAATP turns up the heat on ethical conduct

December 31, 2015     Gary Enos

NAATP leaders agree that association members must be held to a high ethical standard, and membership might be terminated if they do not adhere to it in practice. It's a bold stance for the industry group.

Connecting behavioral health data and primary care

December 28, 2015     Heather Landi

During a webinar, two Colorado health information exchanges (HIEs) shared the challenges, including patient consent management, and initial successes of integrating behavioral health data into HIEs.

Why 42 CFR Part 2 is outdated

December 23, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

In an analysis from the Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness, 42 CFR Part 2 seems to be outdated and sorely in need of a fresh review by federal authorities.



Insurance warriors fight for coverage

December 23, 2015     Jill Sederstrom

With increased insurance coverage, more providers will encounter the frustration of meeting the preauthorization demands of payers. The key is to fight like an insurance warrior.

New entrant LifeStance looking for deals in 2016

December 22, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

LifeStance Health expects to invest $250 million in acquisitions and de novo sites nationwide to provide services for addiction, substance use and eating disorders.

Exclusive: Summit BHC buys Seabrook West

December 21, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Summit BHC has finalized the acquisition of Seabrook West, situated on 25 acres of land in Pennsylvania. The center will operate under a new name: Mountain Laurel Recovery Center.

Why private equity values your expertise

December 18, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

For the next several years, owners will likely see a number of interested parties looking to purchase or invest in their operations, but don't be tempted to always take the highest bid.