Top 3 growth areas in behavioral health

March 27, 2015     Jill Sederstrom

Where are the best opportunities for expansion? Within growing populations, ripe geographic areas and high-demand treatment modalities.

Due Diligence Process a Key During a Healthcare Acquisition

March 26, 2015     William C. McCormick, MBA
During a recent panel discussion, Cain Brothers managing director, Todd Rudsenske, expressed the importance of going through the due diligence process during an acquisition or merger

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St. Louis facility fills need for young adult treatment

March 25, 2015     Julia Brown, Associate Editor

Turning 17 and nine months usually means transitioning into adult treatment in Missouri. In the state, there are several residential programs that treat adolescents but very few for young adults.

‘Mad Men’ advice for marketing your treatment center

March 24, 2015     Patrick D'Amico

Don Draper from Mad Men would warn against spending a small fortune on advertising tactics without first developing a carefully crafted brand position.

How colleges can better serve those in recovery

March 20, 2015     Frank Greenagel

College can be tough to navigate even if you have great mental health. It can be a nightmare for someone with mental health or substance use disorder.

RCA buys New Jersey school site

March 19, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Recovery Centers of America has purchased the Bancroft School in Haddonfield, N.J., a 19-acre property in an area where heroin and opioid use is a serious local concern.

Take the financial sting out of prior authorization

March 17, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

 The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare has hard data showing the billions providers can save by replacing paper transactions with electronic ones.

Does it pay to be a health home?

March 16, 2015     Brian Albright

Primary and behavioral providers are tracking improved outcomes in more than 1 million Medicaid patients who use health homes.

Exclusive: Concord’s model reinforces small treatment centers

March 11, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Concord Behavioral Health, a new startup, has created a joint-ownership model for facilities that might be overwhelmed by business operations.

Operational Process a Key to Treatment Center Success

March 9, 2015     William C. McCormick, MBA
During a recent behavioral healthcare related workshop, Medivance Billing Service CEO, William McCormick, explained the importance of a strong operational process to ensure the success of a treatment program.

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5 ways to ensure clean claims

March 5, 2015     Julia Brown

A lot can go wrong when it comes to filing insurance claims. Coding errors and accidental omissions in information can ultimately delay payments to providers. Therefore it’s important for all stakeholders involved to strive for “clean claims."

Northeast holds potential for AAC

February 26, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

American Addiction Centers has finalized a variety of expansions over the past few months and indicates growth potential in the Northeast.

Tight budgets push centers to consider managed care contracts

February 25, 2015     Donna Marbury

Knowing the true per patient cost is the only way for a program to evaluate whether it has adequate reimbursement coming in and whether it’s able to deliver a return on the payer’s investment.

Policy could eliminate insurance denials

February 24, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Senate Bill S2180, a sweeping access proposal, could put an end to utilization management review for behavioral health services in New Jersey.

What investors are looking for

February 20, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

If you have the right service offerings, demonstrated outcomes and future potential, you might be just what the investment community is looking for.

Hope House offers stepping stone for behavioral health patients

February 20, 2015     Anne DiNardo, Senior Editor

The 6,859-square-foot, 16-bed crisis residential facility in California provides an option for patients in need of transitional housing.

New research center finds Americans want more treatment options

February 17, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The Kennedy Center for Mental Health and Policy Research will study today's system of care and drive best practices for improved treatment and policy decisions.

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