New Mexico behavioral health fraud: Coverage Summary

September 19, 2013
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Behavioral Healthcare has been following the ongoing behavioral health fraud allegations, and resulting system crisis, in New Mexico. Here's a rundown of all of our coverage.
New Mexico state flag
New Mexico state flag

New Mexico AG clears first of 12 behavioral health providers in Medicaid fraud probe  January 17, 2014 - Dennis Grantham

Feature coverage, November/December print issue: Verifying an audit’s accuracy  October 24 - Shannon Brys

Land of (dis)enchantment   Sept 12 - Dennis Grantham

Nightmare: Ousted New Mexico CEO answers 'Rio Grande Seven' allegations that broke his agency   Sept 12 - Dennis Grantham

New Mexico fraud probe: 'Web of relationships' tangled 'Rio Grande Seven'   Sept 11 - Dennis Grantham

Cover story, September/October print issue: Fraud in New Mexico: Credible? Incredible? (Part 1) and Continued: Fraud in New Mexico: Credible? Incredible? (Part 2) - Dennis Grantham

A smoking gun in New Mexico's behavioral fraud case?   Sept. 3 - Dennis Grantham

New Mexico speaks, CMS listens   August 29 - Dennis Grantham

Perspective: The Human Cost of New Mexico’s Behavioral Health Crisis   August 16 - Sarah Couch

Last Chance? 10th Circuit Court could decide fate of defunded New Mexico agencies   August 1 - Dennis Grantham

Long-time New Mexico agencies face closure and consolidation   July 31 - Dennis Grantham

Cash-starved NM agencies file emergency court appeal   July 31 - Dennis Grantham

Harsh measures in NM: 10 lessons providers can apply now   July 24 - Patrick Gauthier

Fraud probe update: CMS defends New Mexico's defunding amid questions about audit findings   July 15 - Dennis Grantham