Clinicians track sleep cycles with wearable devices

August 28, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Mountainside Treatment Center is now using wearable devices to help patients thwart insomnia and sleep deprivation issues.

As a public company, AAC encounters more scrutiny

August 24, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Being a public company opens up an organization to intense scrutiny. American Addiction Centers recently provided an update to address the online reports related to its pending litigation.

Experts concerned over OxyContin approval for kids

August 20, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The behavioral health community is pointing to today's overprescribing trends and serious concerns about addiction in light of FDA's approval of oxycodone for children.

Integrated clinic grew from organizational spirit

August 19, 2015     Lori Ashcraft

The Sierra Family Medical Clinic is an excellent example of integrated care that grew organically from one physician's mission to serve his community.

Bipartisan mental health bills circulate in Congress

August 14, 2015     Jill Sederstrom

A new Senate bill would promote system change, but how does it compare to the House bill?

Psychologists address Ferguson tragedy

August 14, 2015     William McCormick, CEO

In our August 2015 episode of Behavioral Health Today, Correspondent, Lakesha Bennett talks with  Dr. Marva Robinson and Dr. Christi Griffin about the Ferguson tragedy and one year anniversary.

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Small steps can set the stage for integration

August 13, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

While co-location of behavioral and primary care is the ultimate milestone, no integration effort is too small.

CleanSlate expands to address opioid crisis

August 13, 2015     Julia Brown, Associate Editor

In Massachusetts, CleanSlate is working collaboratively to address a widely acknowledged need for opioid treatment services.

National demo aims to update clinic pay scale

August 12, 2015     Brian Albright

A SAMHSA grant program for certified behavioral health clinics creates a new prospective payment system that could change the way services are delivered.

Your iPhone is obsolete and so is integration as we know it

August 10, 2015     Linda Rosenberg

Ten years ago, it never occurred to me to want my email, photos and the Internet with me at all times, but now, I can’t live without my iPhone. Today, we’re working together to reinvent integrated care. Ten years from now, just imagine what we’ll have achieved.

For seniors, mental health equals too many pills and not enough services

August 7, 2015     Pamela Tabar, Vendome Group Editor in Chief

While seniors are receiving plenty of medications, a recent report shows they are not always receiving the supportive services that often accompany a mental health diagnosis.

Who controls the message about behavioral health? Not us

August 7, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

It's time to launch a new marketing campaign that promotes the primacy of behavioral health and its value in the larger healthcare landscape.

Teach shame resiliency during recovery for better results

August 6, 2015     Julia Brown, Associate Editor

The most effective trauma resolution and recovery work will not last if shame is bypassed. Experts at NCAD said shame must be addressed and resiliency cultivated in order for a patient to make lasting strides.

Addiction in seniors: 'It's at epidemic levels'

August 6, 2015     Megan Combs, Associate Editor

A "silver tsunami" of addicted seniors is coming, warned a speaker at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders.

Medication does not blunt recovery work, says physician leader

August 5, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Editor

A. Kenison Roy, MD, sees equal levels of engagement between patients receiving and not receiving medication-assisted treatment in his program.

The business case for building an integrated model of care

August 4, 2015     Julia Brown, Associate Editor

The business case for integration is in the cost savings as well as patient and provider satisfaction. But making such a change can be hard. 

Research leader: Addiction field needs new model to make integrated care happen

August 3, 2015     Gary A. Enos, Contributing Editor

Treatment Research Institute adviser David Gastfriend, MD, says the SBIRT model should be turned on its head.

What college students want in recovery

August 3, 2015     Megan Combs, Associate Editor

Speaker Robert Ashford identified the best and least beneficial programs to college students in recovery at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders.

Leverage population health to compete in today's market

August 3, 2015     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Mental health and substance use treatment providers must learn to speak the language of other stakeholders and play a role in population health initiatives.

11 strategies for change in the war on drugs

August 3, 2015     Julia Brown, Associate Editor

Prescription drugs and opioids have changed the game. Here's how you can help, according to NCAD speaker Frank Greenagel, LCSW, LCADC. 

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