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Rennova Health Selects Medivance Billing Service as Revenue Cycle Management Partner

January 19, 2017     William McCormick, CEO

Rennova Health, Inc. a vertically integrated provider of industry-leading diagnostics and supportive software solutions to healthcare providers, announced today that it has entered into an billing service agreement with Medivance Billing Service.

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Non-compete contracts protect your future

January 18, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

Non-compete agreements are an effective tool for protecting sensitive information when a key employee leaves the organization, according to Peter A. Steinmeyer of Epstein Becker Green. 

Acadia names chief medical advisor for Recovery Division

January 17, 2017     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

Michael V. Genovese, MD, JD, who served as chief medical officer at Sierra Tucson since 2014, has been promoted to chief medical advisor for parent company Acadia Healthcare’s Recovery Division.

Affiliations strengthen not-for-profits

January 17, 2017     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The changing behavioral health market might leave small, not-for-profit operators wondering how they can possibly compete. Experts suggest a new affiliation model.

Nature is central component at Swift River Massachusetts

January 13, 2017     Jill Sederstrom

The main building at Swift River, which can house up to 60 residents, was ideal for detox and residential programs, while two additional dorms, which can house anywhere from 20 to 30 residents each, had room for partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs.

Good people don’t smoke marijuana

January 12, 2017     Andrew Kessler

Do we have a war on weed? We have made progress convincing policymakers that morality has little to do with substance use disorders, yet, our future attorney general does not appear to share this belief.

Providers remain concerned about ACA repeal

January 10, 2017     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

County behavioral health service providers are especially uneasy about a wholesale repeal of ACA and what the near future might bring without a practical transition plan.

3 lessons from the FTC to guide marketing efforts in 2017

January 9, 2017     Abhilash Patel

Rulings from the Federal Trade Commission on native advertising are extremely pertinent for facilities’ ethics and compliance with federal guidelines.

It's 2017…How ethical is your treatment center marketing?

January 6, 2017     William McCormick, CEO

During a recent behavioral healthcare related event, Dreamscape Marketing CEO, Dan Gemp, provided some insight into one of the biggest ethical issues with treatment center marketing

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It’s the clinical model

January 4, 2017     Ed Jones, PhD

There is no entity promoting the value of psychosocial solutions like psychotherapy, let alone one with the power and wealth of the pharmaceutical industry.

Florida poised to turn the corner on unethical practices in 2017

January 4, 2017     Gary A. Enos

There are signs that Florida legislators might finally enact tough measures to curb unethical behavior among notorious addiction treatment and sober home operators.

Not-for-profit CEOs command higher salaries

December 20, 2016     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

A new survey report from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers reveals 41% variation between for-profit CEO salaries and their not-for-profit counterparts

With a new administration coming, it’s on providers to speak up

December 16, 2016     Tom Valentino, Senior Editor

With the Affordable Care Act likely to be repealed and uncertainty over what will replace it, speakers on a National Council for Behavioral Health conference call Thursday said the time is now for providers to make their voices heard in Washington.

REIT transactions offer treatment centers source of capital

December 14, 2016     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The benefit of selling to a REIT is that the deal unlocks the equity that’s been built up in the treatment center's real estate.

Obama signs Cures Act

December 13, 2016     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

President Obama signed the bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act on Tuesday, authorizing programs to address substance use disorders and mental health.

How to handle the holidays at your treatment center

December 12, 2016     Joanne Sammer

Beyond the clinical scope, treatment center operators must manage everyday matters such as staffing levels, meals, visitation schedules and policies as the 2016 holidays approach.

Pennsylvania forum addresses workforce challenges

December 8, 2016     Jill Sederstrom

At the BHECON forum in Pennsylvania, 100 stakeholders including community health providers and government officials, joined together to discuss the workforce demands of value-based care and population health management.

More work to be done after Cures bill is signed

December 8, 2016     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Provisions in the 21st Century Cures Act will create a turning point in care delivery, but there are additional issues to examine over time.

TCIV: Trump health policy hasn’t shaken the market

December 7, 2016     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

When major policy changes are in store, the situation often makes the market jittery. However, the 2017 forecast is extremely bullish for behavioral healthcare.

TCIV: Favorable tailwinds entice buyers

December 6, 2016     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The addiction treatment industry is experiencing a climate of favorable tailwinds, and that market reality will continue to attract the attention of investors.