Don't let fear torpedo the effort to go smoke-free

August 27, 2014     Gary A. Enos

Research evidence and available treatments demonstrate why addiction treatment facilities can and should become tobacco-free, a National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) panel agreed. 

Take care of yourself so you can care for your patients

August 25, 2014     Julie Miller

Use good self-care practices so you can offer your best to your patients

The evolution of behavioral healthcare facilities and emerging trends

August 25, 2014     Megan Combs
At the Behavioral Healthcare Leadership Summit (BHLS), architects Jim Hunt and Kevin Turner discussed the evolution of BH facility design. 

11 best practices in branding and lead generation

August 25, 2014     Julie Miller

Online marketing campaigns can be optimized to improve goodwill and generate more leads through better testing and measurement

Battling Big Marijuana

August 25, 2014     Charlene Marietti

Providers in the two states that have legalized marijuana want to put the genie back in the bottle. Data may help.

Think telehealth to complement services

August 25, 2014     Charlene Marietti

The technology is mature, the time is right and the culture is ready for telehealth. 

Counselors can assert meaningful role in medication-assisted treatment

August 25, 2014     Gary A. Enos

A session presenter at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) walked clinicians through challenges in working with clients receiving medication treatments. 

Stop selling! Represent your program instead

August 24, 2014     Julie Miller

Don't rely on selling tactics! Change your attitude to one of ethical, above-board marketing to represent your program honestly

When stuff is the drug: How to treat hoarders

August 24, 2014     Megan Combs

At the National Conference on Addiction Disorders, attendees learned the basics of how hoarding begins and how to treat clients looking for help.

Black's work with families honored with Father Martin Award

August 24, 2014     Gary A. Enos

Claudia Black, PhD, was reminded of her earliest contact with Father Joseph Martin when she accepted the Father Martin Award this weekend at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD). 

How effective are patient confidentiality rules in today's system?

August 24, 2014     Julie Miller

The 42 CFR Part 2 law locks down data, preventing it from being leveraged for better clinical outcomes

Barthwell maintains call for tough-minded drug policy

August 24, 2014     Gary A. Enos

Addiction medicine specialist and former White House anti-drug official Andrea Barthwell, MD, sees little room for harm reduction or legalization approaches in the evolving healthcare service system.

Consistent messages catch lawmakers' attention

August 23, 2014     Julie Miller

At the Behavioral Health Summit, Andrew Kessler provided a snapshot of the opportunities for advocacy

Internal conflict can serve to benefit treatment centers

August 23, 2014     Gary A. Enos

The chief executive of WestBridge told a session audience at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) that high-functioning addiction treatment facilities do not shy away from staff conflict.

Strawberry offers NCAD audience heartfelt words on helping others

August 23, 2014     Gary A. Enos

At an afternoon plenary session on the first day of the National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD), former baseball star Darryl Strawberry inspired a large audience with his personal story of addictiuion and redemption.

Key to accountability: Post your ethics on your website

August 23, 2014     Megan Combs

At the National Conference on Addiction Disorders and Behavioral Healthcare Leadership Summit, three panelists discussed organizational ethics and where we should go from here. 

Accurate diagnosis critical to integrated treatment

August 23, 2014     Charlene Marietti
Diagnosis of co-occurring personality disorders and addiction usually takes more time but is essential to developing an effective treatment plan, speaker tells NCAD attendees.

When using the cloud, keep security in mind

August 21, 2014     Asaf Cidon

File-sharing services can streamline the way therapists manage, store and share case files, but they also present security concerns

Austin Oaks design preserves site’s heritage oak trees

August 20, 2014     Jill Sederstrom

Part of the appeal of the site is the large heritage oak trees, but they made planning the building's layout a difficult proposition

Yes, you can ask about gun ownership

August 18, 2014     Julie Miller

Ten states are looking to adopt laws like Florida's, which prohibits clinicians from routinely asking patients about guns

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