Breaking: Origins completes deal to buy two Caron centers in Florida

December 19, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The addition of the Hanley Center will give Origins 10 acres of expansion capacity in West Palm Beach as well as a foothold in the East Coast.

Who is Santa…really?

December 17, 2014     David W. Oughton
As my picture suggests, I am one of those people who dress in an easily recognized outfit and appear all over the place, simultaneously. This ubiquitous icon has a history and a meaning that seems to have gotten lost.

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Phoenix House to continue growth after Meitiner departure

December 12, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Howard Meitiner's accomplishments include professionalizing Phoenix House, adopting technology and evolving within the healthcare landscape.

IHI leaders look for integration opportunities

December 10, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement hopes to drive integration between behavioral health and physical health throughout the continuum under its Healthier Lives campaign.

Med school residents on rotation at Integrity House

December 8, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

 A partnership between Rutgers and Integrity House will help the residents understand addiction while also helping the center meet the psychiatric needs of clients

IT group calls for EHR incentives for behavioral health

December 5, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Behavioral health providers were left out of the federal EHR incentive program in 2009, but it’s time to remedy the situation.

How employee snooping results in HIPAA trouble

December 5, 2014     David Raths

When your own employees sneak a peek at patient records without authorization—either out of curiosity or malicious intent—your organization can pay the price.

ASAM Criteria evolves into electronic tool

December 1, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Hosted by EHR vendors, the interactive program intelligently leads counselors and their patients through data inputs to arrive at level of care recommendations.

10 marketing must-haves

November 25, 2014     Jill Sederstrom and Julia Brown

Marketing is an essential part of your business plan to attract new patients, gain support of referring clinicians or establish a reputation within the community, but implementation can be daunting.

Coalition site outlines IT policy priorities

November 21, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Members want to see more behavioral health professionals become eligible for HITECH incentive payments

5 things behavioral health pros need to know about Ebola

November 20, 2014     Ann Whitehead

Stop the fear and know the facts about what you need to do about Ebola as a behavioral health facility.

Integrated care for the private practice psychiatrist

November 20, 2014     Peter Roy-Byrne, MD

The reorganization of healthcare is likely to address the reimbursement models, however, numerous other challenges remain, including the separation of mental and medical health systems and philosophies of care.

Separate EHRs share data for mental health patients

November 18, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

In Florida, interoperable HL7 data follows mental health referral patients from Memorial Healthcare to Henderson Behavioral Health

New Seattle Children's behavioral health unit aims to add capacity

November 18, 2014     Megan Combs, Associate Editor

The behavioral health unit had been operating at 100 percent capacity for several years, and the decision was made to expand it as part of the remodel project

Consider the market before expanding to new locations

November 17, 2014     Joanne Sammer

Consumer demand, available staffing and healthy reserves are key variables in deciding whether to open a new facility

New NAATP chief must earn trust

November 13, 2014     Julie Miller, Editor in Chief

Michael Walsh helped to change the face of NAATP in his two year role as president and CEO. Now he hopes the work he began will continue into the future under a new leader.

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